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Manual Sheet Metal Nibbler & Shears
$ 59.95
Ordinary tin snips, or even really good metal shears, are tricky to use. The metal invariably twists up or down as you cut ,and it's very hard to keep on course. Plus, it's nearly impossible to start a cut in the middle of the sheet.

This one is so outstandingly different you will be amazed. It's great for any sheet metal work - auto body, duct work, stovepipe, etc. A single 3/32" tooth is mounted on a double-action lever for incredible leverage. Simply start nibbling and a thin strip of metal begins to curl off. Cut straight or turn curves as the job requires - the flat surface of the sheet never twists and distorts. If you stop the cut in the middle of the sheet, just squeeze hard and the curl will shear off.

Works equally well in the left or right hand. And if you have to start a cut in the middle, you need only drill a 5/16" hole as a starting point. It is really exceptional tool. Made In France.

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