Manual Watering Timer

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Manual Watering Timer
All mechanical, needs no batteries
Quick change adapter included
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37A01.06 Manual Watering Timer

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This is the most simple of timing systems. Just turn the setting dial to the number of minutes you want the system to run and it starts instantly and shuts off automatically. All mechanical - needs no batteries. The maximum time setting is 2 hours, and it also has constant on and constant off settings. The inlet and outlet have standard (GHT) garden hose thread. Great for busy lifestyles because you can set it and forget it, and also for when rationing is required. A male quick change adapter is included for the outlet for greater flexibility. We like it!

The Manual Watering Timer is perfect for the efficient control of home & garden drip and sprinkler watering systems like our Home Drip Irrigation System and Greenhouse Irrigation System.

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