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Bestseller Matched Set of Hand Pruning Shears
23K05.11 Bypass Pruner

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23K05.12 Flower Cutter

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23K05.13 Anvil Pruner

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23K05.30 Set of 3 Matched Pruners

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These are a very fine value. The handles are nicely shaped, cast aluminum with rubber grips surfaces. Each has a spring-loaded snap catch. Overall length about 8". The Anvil Pruner is coated and is the best choice is for dry stalks and dead wood. The Bypass Pruner is best for green material, and the Flower Cutter, with its 2-1/2" long cutters, is perfect for collecting that bouquet for the front hall or the dining table.

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Overall Rating
  • You will like this

    Garrette Joan/Stuart, 10/22/2020 Very well built. Replaces several trimmers that were bought in big box stores.
  • Beautifully Made

    Simon, 7/27/2020 Beautifully made set of cutters. I'd have liked a little more information - which cutters are best for what - but found some guidance on the website.
    They are very sharp, feel solid, smooth and are light to handle.
  • Good Quality Buy

    Gail Waller, 7/6/2020 We love the quality of all Garrett Wade pruners. Several years ago we ordered a set of 3 with the bypass and anvil pruners along with the flower cutter. The only reason I had to replace the bypass pruners is we left them out in the rain and some parts rusted--our fault totally. They are a great buy for the high quality; have a good hand feel; and work well and effortlessly. Have no reservations to recommend highly.
  • Just what I expected

    Dana, 5/9/2020 sharp excellent grip strong material - I expect it to serve its purpose for many years to come.
  • Nice pruners

    Victoria Ward, 5/1/2020 I just got them and haven't opened the. package yet. They look just like I expected and I think they will be great to use.
  • Anvil Pruner

    Randy Morrison , 4/21/2020 I've had my Anvil Pruner for a couple years now, and they still work great. Well built, great job guys.
  • Excellent set of pruners

    Mike & Lori, 11/3/2019 Arrived when expected. Very good appearance. Something that’s is not mentioned in the advertisement is that they are extremely sharp, much more so than other pruners we have had. Sharpness means a cleaner cut with less damage to the plant.
  • Think we need a "his" and a "hers"

    Gail, 7/29/2019 Well designed and well built pruner which we use frequently. We also purchased the bypass pruner and the flower cutter, and together there is no more we require to tend to our daily garden needs. I would highly recommend these for garners of all ages and levels.
  • New hand pruners

    Theresia, 6/7/2019 I just got them ... so I haven't used them yet... but they look pretty sturdy and the squeeze trigger is very smooth... also cant wait to use them as well
  • Anvil Pruner

    Gary, 4/23/2019 Well built. I love the ergonometric design that you could use either handle without losing your grip. Not so sure if the stamped 'Japanese blade' is authentic made in Japan, or everything is made in Taiwan with 'Japanese blade' design.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your comments on the Matched Set of Hand Pruning Shears. The markings on the blade indicates the steel alloy. The specific alloy is SK5 which is the same steel used in all of our HD loppers and pole pruners. The alloy is very hard and blades last a long time if cared for. It does not have anything to do with the design of the blade or who made the blade, its just the steel. Since it is high carbon steel and not a stainless steel, please follow the maintenance instructions on the packaging. If exposed to rain or high moisture without oiling and keeping them dry; they will rust.

  • Flower Pruner

    adrian, 3/31/2019 The flower pruner is what I wanted. I needed a pruner that would be able to slip through the flower stems without disturbing the other stems and flowers. The anvil pruner was too bulky for the job
  • Happy Gardener!

    Brenda Blaine, 2/19/2019 Excellent products. I used the pruners for the first time this season and love the way they handle and feel in my hand. Work great and look good too! I would highly recommend this company and product.
  • Hand pruner set

    Donald Marshall, 12/28/2018 It is a great set and I believe this is the fourth time that I have purchased the entire set, 3 times as gifts..
  • Christmas gift

    Cher, 12/6/2018 Looks great!
  • Great functioning Pruner

    Donald J Krueger, 12/4/2018 This pruner works just great. Very precise and sharp blade. I used , mine to trim small apple trees and for some cutting of some limbs on large and tall orange trees and it worked with ease. At age 84 have lost some strength in hands, but its easy to work this pruner. Highly recommended.
  • Made in America People helping People

    Kathy Crowley, 12/3/2018 I am the owner of a plant nursery and needed a pruner that will take the abuse of everyday pruning. I find this pruner easy to use and keeps working till I lock it up. Many pruners we use from the box stores are thrown away in a week. I also wanted to purchase a product Made IN America.
  • Will Spring Ever Come?...It better and Fast!

    Mary Ann Permesang, 11/20/2018 I received my set of Pruning Shears a week ago. I rated them a five star based on how they looked and felt. Unfortunately, this year the cold and snow came early. So at this time I can only admire them as I pass by them a few times a day as they sit on the shelf in our back porch. My hope is that we get a few days of warm weather (40 degrees maybe ????) before winter sets in so I can do a little pruning in my garden. My heart jumped when I opened the box and saw metal instead of plastic! I know the way the pruners opened and shut plus the weight of the tools that I will be very pleased with the outcome. I can hear my trees, shrubs, and plants say "It's about time lady!"
  • Hand Pruning Shears

    Rodney , 11/12/2018 So far we have used these the most. Perfect for pruning Cilantro, Basil and other Herbs that need a clean snip. Very sharp and precision.
  • Hand Pruning Shears

    Rodney , 11/12/2018 The perfect pruners for her. She cuts roses, and even large stems, with ease.
  • Perfect in every way

    Dwight Wells, 11/9/2018 I have a pair exactly like these for decades but they have just worn out. I have waited until I could find the same to replace them and these are it. Very sharp, perfect blade length, and fits it the hand perfectly. Whew! Now I can sleep better.
  • Great set of pruners

    Juli Weidle, 11/3/2018 Nicely balanced, very precise and sharp blades. Easy to use
  • Mama's New Cutters

    Don Gradin, 10/30/2018 Bought these for my wife for this Christmas. Seems I have to buy her new trimmers / pruners every year! Tired of spending money at the "big box store" every year for "el-cheapos". These appear to be very high quality with Japanese Steel blades and flat torsion springs instead of poorly made coil springs. If she doesn't like them for any reason, you'll be the second to hear about it!
  • Best Birthday Present!

    Dave Goodman, 9/27/2018 I purchased these for my brother for his birthday/retirement. I happened to visit and used these for some pruning. Needless to say, after using, I had to purchase a set for myself! They cut clean and are very comfortable to use. I am giving away all my other pruners.

    JAYNE E., 7/11/2018 My title says it all. My pruner arrived yesterday, and I literally cannot stay out of the yard. Don't let the price fool you. This pruner has already cut things I thought I would need my Japanese saw to do the job! It performs like it is cutting through butter. Oh, one more thing, the pruner does not stress your hand. This is really nice, since I have developed a touch of arthritis in my right hand. My husband thought I was kidding, until he tried it for himself, now I am ordering one for him! Order one for yourself, I promise you won't be disappointed. With 28 acres to keep up with, I better order several.
    Thanks again Garrett Wade, you never let me down!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner July 2018 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Jayne!!
  • Nice peuners

    Anne, 7/6/2018 Love the variety as well as the quality.
  • Nice pruners

    Dale W Eld, 6/23/2018 Nice and sharp. Work well and I like the way they fit in my hand.
  • Good Choice

    Denise Clemons, 5/9/2018 Lost my pruning shears, thought I'd give these a try, glad I did. Nice weight and balance, excellent cutting ability.
  • Who Needs Three Pruners??

    Frank, 5/4/2018 Now that I have received this set, I say ...... EVERYONE !!! I’m not a master gardener or even a gardening enthusiast, just a guy who likes to keep his yard tidy and prefers quality, well constructed tools. This set ticks all the boxes. And on sale at $27 is a steal!
  • Flower cutter

    Cliff, 12/21/2017 Nice! Ergonomic with good spring tension. Excellant after hours of potted plant grooming
  • Great price, superior quality

    Incitatus, 12/10/2017 Quality product, sharp blades, look like they will be sharp and useful for years. Bought them as a gift for my boyfriend who loves gardening. His old shears and pruners are rusty and dull. Saw these and thought they'd make a nice Christmas gift.
  • My wife is happy.

    Angelo Onofrio, 12/8/2017 My wife is a Master Gardner and has tried every gardening tool made. I bought her this trio of tools and she couldn’t be happier. When she’s happy, I am happy. So, this is one of the best purchases I have ever made I am sure there will be more purchases in the future.
  • The Best!

    Mary Meyerhoffer, 12/5/2017 Excellent products! We purchased the large premium pruner and loopers last year and have been so pleased with their quality that we ordered the hand held clippers. It is refreshing to use tools that are not only well made but powerful.
    I would highly recommend this entire Garrett Wade line of garden tools.
  • Bypass Pruner

    AL, 11/5/2017 I have been using this pruner to clip small branches that hang across a hiking trail that I maintain and find that this is an excellent tool. It is very sharp and easy to cut thru most brush of reasonable thickness. It fits well in my hand and is easy to carry along with me.
  • Bypass Pruner

    Javier, 9/18/2017 affordable price and good quality pruner ,durable , I work in gardening so I used them often every week .
  • Garden Shears

    Joseph J Benson, 8/1/2017 The garden shears were a great buy, very sharp, and the highest quality, like all the items I've purchased from GarrettWade. The online ordering was simple and the delivery was fast. Great company to do business with, I will do more in the future.
  • Lightweight and get fit for us

    Roger and Jo Putignani, 7/18/2017 Excellent product and so easy to use.
  • Excellent Gardening Tools

    John R Lyon, 6/3/2017 These are great tools! Handling them is almost "sensual". They are precision crafted, with superb balance and smooth operating feel. They fit my hand like they were custom made for it. I look forward to many years with them at my command.
  • Lightweight work great!

    SMcK, 5/23/2017 These clippers are super sharp, lightweight, and cause no fatigue on the hands. At such a reasonable price you can't go wrong.
  • Mr

    Tom White, 5/22/2017 I have not had them very long but the times I have used them I found the feel in my hand a bit light, more fit for a small hand. They are very sharp, well made and cut cleanly.
  • love the ergonomics of these

    Gail, 5/5/2017 although I have only used them sparingly since I received them, they are very well balanced and have a great grip.
  • Good product, awesome customer service.

    Lisa Richardson, 4/25/2017 These pruners are great for most of my pruning needs. The handles are smaller which work very well for my small hands so I am not struggling to grip them. They are very sharp and don't require an excessive amount of pressure. The customer service is awesome. I am a first time customer and had trouble ordering on line but a phone call resulted in a quick order, even quicker delivery and feeling like my business was valued.
  • 3 pc. set of pruner tools

    barbara brasell, 2/7/2017 My husband was very pleased with these pruning tools......they got here just in time to prune the scuppernongs...........they worked twice as fast as his old ones. He is very hard to please, so I am pleased, too.
  • Prunier set

    Michael L. Burger, 2/7/2017 A bit smaller than other pruners but well and fit the need for finer pruning within roses and tropical that I have.
  • Fantastic service!

    Leslie Newcomb, 12/27/2016 This set of hand pruners was purchased as a gift, and I have received word from the recipient that he is thrilled with the quality of these tools. However, my 5-star rating refers to Garrett Wade's customer service, in addition to the quality of the products. Due to a shipping error I initially received the wrong item, and with less than a week before Christmas I called Garrett Wade to see what could be done. They promised to ship the correct item immediately, with only my promise that I would return the incorrect product, and it arrived three days later--well in time to be one of the most appreciated gifts I gave this year. It's nice to know that the products AND the service are top quality at Garrett Wade.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for stopping by to share your experience with us. Our customer's satisfaction is first and foremost. We're happy to hear you received the pruners in time!
  • Great Tools

    Chris Martin, 12/23/2016 I purchased the pruners and loppers for a Christmas gift. They arrived and seem to be extremely well made. I will be buying a set for myself as well.
  • Clipped before I could open the wrapper !!

    Michael Silva, 12/20/2016 Looking like it will be excellent, but---- it is a present I gave myself, but my wife grabbed it to give to me at Christmas. I NEED TO BE SURPRISED !!!
  • Bypass Pruners

    Shannon Sigmon, 12/15/2016 Great pruners...I have a mini peach orchard (40 trees) & I have used these pruners several years, great for any type of Gardner...sturdy & dependable, just ordered a second pair for my son...going to teach him how to prune!
  • Excellent

    Jeremy, 12/13/2016 Strong and reliable
  • Triple Play Pruners

    Stephen , 12/4/2016 I ordered the pruner set for my wife ( Christmas ) She is a Master Gardener and needed replacements. Unfortunately the shipping box got wet and the items fell out ...too late she put them in her garden tools ... she loved them cannot wait till spring
  • Pruner heaven

    Robert Franklin, 11/22/2016 We found the quality of all three of the cutters to be excellent and shaped just right for the various pruning chores around the yard. The handle design is particularly noteworthy as it markedly increases the comfort level without a loss of control.
  • Good all around clippers

    Paul Smoland, 10/23/2016 Good construction, last a long time, stay sharp. I use them for cutting vegetables, and small pruning and have had one for a few years. Just bought two more. Inexpensive and great value for what you get.
  • Flower Cutter

    Jill Cogburn, 8/26/2016 Be careful when using the flower cutter. It is not for heavy-duty use. I was using it to prune some Jasmine. My hand got caught between the handles and it nicked me pretty bad.
  • Fantastic set of pruners

    Ronald K. Anderson, 8/3/2016 These hand held pruners are very well made and will perform for a lifetime of gardening. They are easy to use, ie, easy on the hand. The set of three has both the anvil and a bypass pruner for both hard and soft woods. Additionally, one also has a pair for the garden flowers. This set is very modestly priced for the quality. The set is a great gift that will be appreciated by any new homeowner.
  • Great pruners; especially for the price!

    Theresa, 7/19/2016 Exactly what I needed.
  • Perfect trio

    Jacqueline, 4/4/2016 Pleased with these pruners. They are just what I needed to handle trimming my yuletide camelia bush, handling suckers on my cherry tree and cutting back my knockout roses. I used the flower cutter to trim an inside plant since it's too early in the season for flowers in the garden. All are made well and I expect them to last for years.
  • Great

    William, 3/31/2016 Great pruners and very affordable
  • The best ever set of hand pruners!

    Barbara , 3/4/2016 If you're looking for a set that does it all in the garden, look no further...this set is for you! Working with an easy grip and sharp blades, you'll find yourself pruning everything twice!
  • The Very Best

    Ron Edwards, 9/29/2015 These affordable Pruners are the best I have ever owned. I have paid as much as $40 for a bypass pruner, and it was not as well constructed or comfortable in my hand.
  • Great Quality

    Gerry, 9/14/2015 Great cutting action from each of the pruners, and very light. I'm delighted with the quality...a real bargain!
  • Excellent Set of Pruners!

    Laurence Betts, 10/10/2014 A really nice set of pruners! The flower cutter also works very well in leather work as it cuts through leather with ease!
  • Hand Pruners

    Bonnie, 7/15/2014 I really like these pruners. They are great for small hands, and are light weight. I would recommend these for anyone that has problems with there hands. I might buy the other small pruners you carry.
  • Great Pruners!

    Shrubber in NY, 2/17/2014 This is a really nice set of hand pruners. They are well designed with comfortable grips. The blades seem to high quality and should hold up for years.
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