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Measure of a Maker Set
$ 49.9
We’ve done a very sensible reboot of two classic, everyday measuring tools. The Naval Style 66-Foot Cloth Measuring Tape combines modern materials with retro details. Instead of a traditional leather (which is expensive) this case is durable plastic. But the tape is made of cloth, just like it used to be, and marked in inches and centimeters on the opposing faces. There’s 66 feet because, occasionally, we need a really long measuring tape. Four-Fold Wooden Rules were traditionally called Blindman's Rules, because the markings are very large and easy to read. The 36" length folds down to a 9" long section, via complex solid brass joints (difficult to make well), so that it can easily slip into a pocket or tool box. We’ve made these measuring tools to be just as attractive and functional today as they were 100 years ago.
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