Versatile 10" Long Hand Held Digger

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Sale Versatile 10" Long Hand Held Digger
Just the right weight and heft for continuous, yet easy, use
Made in the USA
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79W04.05 Versatile 10" Long Hand Held Digger

Available 03/05/2018

Regular Price: $39.95

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Many wood-handled hand diggers are handsome but ultimately too light for effective use. Yet makers can compensate too far in the opposite direction with a head so heavy that it's clumsy to use. This one strikes with the perfect balance. With a handle that is 14 in length and a wide and a narrow pick at opposite ends of the 10" long working head. This is the type of durable, aggressive digging tool prized by serious hobbyist gardeners. Non-slip grip. Exceedingly sturdy, it will last for generations.

Made in the USA.
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Overall Rating
  • Attractive and Effective

    Heather, 11/28/2017 This hand digger made digging up dead grass very easy, which I appreciate, because I had to dig out a lot of dead grass from my front lawn, prior to planting new grass. This product also helped me dig out stubborn weeds that a regular hand weeder couldn't remove.
  • Digging Fun

    Debbie, 8/4/2016 Seems just the right weight for me. I tried it out and was excited how easily it did its job. Can't wait to find more uses for it!
  • Useful tool.

    Dave Ross, 5/25/2016 Needed an alternative to my heavy pick axe. This tool is well made, light, and the right size for weeding and transplanting plants in the yard.
  • Great for Planting

    Martha Kopec, 6/16/2013 This is great for digging a hole for planting annuals and perennials as well as for small shrubs.
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