Medium Sized Multi-Vise

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Medium Sized Multi-Vise
Beautifully Made and Astonishingly Flexible
18B02.02 Medium Sized Multi-Vise

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This versatile cast iron tabletop vise features a double set of fully rotating jaws. The smaller set is smooth and 1-1/2" wide. The other is 2-1/2" wide, with corrugated gripping surfaces, and three sizes of grooves to hold small round stock. Both sets have a maximum opening width of 2 -¼”. A flat 1 x 2” area on top of the main body acts as a useful anvil-type surface, and the entire vise assembly rotates 360˚ on the base.

Notably, fully tightening either set of jaws onto your item (or tightening the base rotation lock) locks both of these rotations--a very handy and timesaving feature. The whole assembly clamps solidly to any surface up to 1-3/4" thick (but also has 3 bolt holes for more permanent mounting).

This is a perfect “in-between” size--neither a big HD vise nor a small crafts vise, it has a huge range of functions, and is a real beauty that anyone with a small- to medium-sized shop will go to all the time. Beautifully thought through and a great value.

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  • Medium Sized Multi Vice

    John Fraser, 7/28/2019 I needed a small table edge mounted vise for holding small parts while I work on them. I do electronic connector work regularly and being able to position a connector at a unique angle helps a lot. This vise gives me that capability. I like having a smooth and a serrated jaw. I like that the smooth jaw is small. I like the cutouts in the serrated jaw for holding things vertically. The quality of the workmanship is good. The jaws have little play. The material looks good and the finish is good. The size is appropriate to what I need.
  • medium sized multi vice

    Shirley McPhaul, 4/5/2019 Hi, My husband chose this vice and said it would be just what he needs for his work bench - evidently it is. He has always enjoyed everything I got him through Garrett Wade.
    Thank you.
  • Good, but could be better!

    Jordan, 11/3/2018 This is a good vice, but comparable to other models in the same class it may be a bit pricy, also the jaw opening width is only a little over 2in this really limits the number of uses for the vise.
  • A very good design. No Plastic!

    Kirk, 12/16/2017 This was a good purchase. (1) Surface machining is adequate, and good where it needs to be good. (2) The paint is nicely adherent to the metal and seems to be good quality. (3) Something that is not clear from the pictures is that the wide jaws are offset from the narrow (smooth) jaws, so that a tube or dowel can be held perpendicular to the jaws (in a groove in each of the wide jaw faces) and it will clear the base and the other jaw. So, it is not limited to short objects! (4) Tightening the vise to hold something stops the jaws from rotating about the horizontal axis. However, it does NOT stop rotation about the vertical axis (description says it locks both axes). The knob for the vertical axis must be tightened. Doing this not only keeps the vice from turning, it is also necessary to take the play out of that joint. (Otherwise the vise wobbles.) The good part is that tightening the knob does indeed take all the play out. It stays very solidly in place with both axes tightened. (5) When the wide jaws are fully closed, the smooth jaws are still open by 3/64 inch on one side and 2/64 inch on the other on my vise. So the smooth jaws won't hold something very thin unless it is shimmed. (6) The vise screw is enclosed, so that it won't mar the work. It is also captured. If you try to open it too far, the screw stops. Nice, because it doesn't come apart in use. I haven't tried, but there is a heavy screw that you can see in the main picture that presumably allows dismantling the vise to clean and lubricate the vise screw. (7) The anvil is machined as flat as I could tell by holding the rule in a Starrett combination square against it in various directions. (8) Everything is steel (except the name plate may be aluminum. _No Plastic_. (9) The built-in clamp to mount it to the edge of a worktable holds the vise securely, with no rocking. The thickness capacity is a tradeoff between portability/storage space and utility. (10) Although it can be mounted with screws, the table clamp part of the base casting prevents mounting it to a bench thicker than 1.75 inches, unless you're willing to carve a notch in part of the thickness of the edge of the benchtop.
  • Flexible and Handy

    Kirk, 12/16/2017 The fit and finish is good. The rotation locks clamp tightly, so that the jaws stay as positioned. I purchased for holding drill bits for sharpening. There are three different sized pairs of grooves in the larger jaws for holding such items. It attaches firmly to a bench top 1.5 inches thick using its built-in clamp. The smooth jaws will be good for small wooden parts, such as making toys for my grandson. I particularly like the fact that the vice screw is enclosed so that it doesn't mar the work.
  • Great big/little vise

    Pamela , 11/12/2017 Perfect size for my husband's "shed" workshop. He has small suction cup vises for arrow feathers and other small jobs but this allows him to handle more substantial repairs and projects without being to large for the space of permanently attached and in the way.
  • sharp and useful

    Dean, 11/4/2017 Great for working on small rifle part and other things around the house
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