Melodious Clay Bird Whistles

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Sale Melodious Clay Bird Whistles
easy to use–delightful, trilling birdsong
56A04.01 Clay Bird Whistle (Pr.)

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56A04.10 Bird Whistles (4 pairs)

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These molded Clay Bird Whistles fit easily in the palm of your hand, but their very big sound belies their small stature. Couldn't be easier to use: just fill with water and blow into the tail of the songbird and prepare to be surprised at both the size and quality of the sound. Each is different.

These Bird Whistles produce a delightful, trilling birdsong. Experiment by using various blowing pressures and moving the whistle around to various positions. Fun for kids and adults alike. Keep them on the front porch, back patio or deck, or take one along on your next hike through the woods. The warbling melody is sure to attract birds and delight people. They'll bring a smile to your face and a lift to your spirit. We're not kidding. Highly recommended as very special.


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