Messograf Caliper / Pen

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Messograf Caliper / Pen
Beautiful, multi-functional & always at hand
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05A01.01 Messograf Caliper / Pen

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Just pull it out of your shirt pocket and you have a 4" exterior Vernier caliper (0.1 mm metric and 1/16" inch scale) and a retractable ballpoint pen to mark down the measurements with. In addition, there is a metric screw thread scale and a tire tread depth scale.

So nicely made and so terrific looking, we simply couldn't resist it. So here it is for you to use and enjoy. Wow your friends. Made in Germany.
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  • Pencaliper

    Tom Mahany, 3/3/2016 I love multitools, but there's always a price to be paid for multifunctionality. It's a bit bulky, and the caliper catches more on my pockets than the pocket clip. OTOH, it's nice in the hand when writing. Overall, nice function as a pen, adequate for measurement & tire tread checks, but fussy to carry. Maybe needs a matching pocket protector?
  • Very Useful

    JB, 8/28/2015 This comes in handy all the time when you are making something. The calipers are accurate and easy to use, while the pen writes very smoothly. You can measure and mark without having to change tools!
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