Metal Bender

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Metal Bender
Convert any vise into a simple press brake
80J01.09 Metal Bender

Available 02/21/2019


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So handy, you'll wonder how you did without it. Make toys, brackets, and boxes; create U shapes and crimp tubing, do auto repairs, etc. Both the male-die and the v-block are made of malleable cast iron with a rust-preventative coating, it will easily produce perfect 90 degree bends for you and will handle up to 1/8" thick mild steel. It has rare earth magnets to hold it against the jaws of a mechanic's vise, but the top lip allows it to be hung from wood jaws as well. Made in Canada.

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Overall Rating
  • Handy tool at a Great price

    Tom Neal, 5/5/2018 Just the thing for those smaller bending chores that come up around my hangar.
  • Metal bender

    Thomas kesner, 10/10/2016 it's a great little tool, excellent for small bending jobs and a reasonable price.
  • Metal bender

    Thomas kesner, 10/10/2016 It's a handy little tool, great for small bending jobs and a very reasonable price.
  • Works well, nice design, but a little rough

    Timothy, 5/23/2016 Nice design, solidly-made casting, and the magnets are a nice touch to hold everything in the correct relation. My only complaint is that bearing surfaces (the acute angles where the pressure is exerted) are pretty rough and can leave scratches on smooth sheet metal. It's easy to fix with a file or belt sander.
  • Great tool.

    Jon Lindgren, 5/28/2011 I used mine about 50 times the first month I owned it. I'm building an airplane. It is a terrific product.
  • Awesome tool for Prototyping!

    KWICK, 1/28/2011 This is an awesome tool for bending small items. I use it for building prototypes and odd projects in my business. It is a must-have!
  • Metal brake

    Randy, 7/20/2010 Wish it were wider. My 5 vice swallows it up, but its very well made, and bends sheet steel with ease."
  • Handy as heck

    MRG, 9/15/2009 Really useful for bending light gauge metals. They fit my big old American made 6 wide jaw vise just fine and work well on a Chinese vise with 4" jaws too. Magnets hold them in place with no trouble. A handy little hints sheet is included on how to make compound bends. Not a hint of rust in 3 years. "
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