Micro-Plus 9-in-1 Pocket Tool

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Sale Micro-Plus 9-in-1 Pocket Tool
The Toolbox on Your Key Ring
09B01.01 9-in-1 Pocket Tool

Available 10/30/2020


09B01.10 9-in-1 Pocket Tool (2)

Available 10/30/2020

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Precision-crafted, all-stainless steel construction. Folds to a 2" x 1-1/2" x 3/8" oval disk that securely locks to a key ring, purse chain, backpack or simply carried in the pocket with your loose change. When you need it, the Micro-Plus unfolds to provide you with pliers; wire cutter, stripper and crimper; a bottle opener; and #1 and #2 flat and Phillips screwdrivers. Stylishly curved ergonomic design and buff stainless finish.

Weighs 2-1/2 oz. Great stocking stuffer. Buy 2 and Save.

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Overall Rating
  • Stocking stuffer

    Mark, 12/11/2019 Great stocking stuffer for my 3 sons-in-law
  • Christmas will come, along with winter, but much better.

    sfshopper, 6/17/2017 I'm Christmas shopping, and there's a couple of stockings where this will nicely make a lump in the toe. So good to find a quality product that's kind of fun, too.
  • Classy item

    Karen Knaub, 1/7/2017 Well made and great gift idea
  • Great gift item

    Karen Knaub, 1/7/2017 Nice quality product. Wish it would have come in a small little box for gift giving.
  • Micro-plus 9-in-1 Pocket Tool

    Jim Valkevich, 1/2/2017 A perfect size to carry around without knowing you have such a flexible tool.
  • Watch out!

    Frank Campbell, 11/26/2016 It can pinch your hand if your not careful.
  • Good thing in small package !

    Wayne, 11/1/2016 Nice size .good price .many uses .bought 2.
  • "Pocket too"

    Greg, 3/4/2016 Nicely sized- handy "pocket" tool ! It's there- when you need it ! (& out'a the way- when you don't !)
  • Much Imprvd Swss Tech

    Andy, 7/5/2015 I bought my first Swiss Tech keyring tool years ago. They were pretty cool, but they were angular, and the pivot/rivet securing the handles wore quickly so that the handles would open half way or more which pretty well cancelled the benefit of having a fold-up tool. The old model had the screwdrivers at the plier handle ends which made a tight grip very uncomfortable. This new, curved, ergonomic design is a terrific improvement. I hope the rivets the handles pivot around are improved as well. Thank you GW for finding this and putting it in your catalog.
  • Convenient tiny tool

    Trish, 1/2/2013 I gave this gift to my nieces and nephews for Christmas. It is a very convenient and well made tool. All" of the kids were very excited to have a tool that could be kept close at hand for those emergency situations."
  • hefty

    jules, 1/21/2012 This tool is OK. It is too heavy for a key chain but is nice to keep in a drawer. Several others have borrowed it- in a school we have to repair a lot of gadgets. I wish the screwdriver could lock in place.
  • Handy Tool

    Debbie, 1/1/2012 Great tool! Very handy! Size is perfect!
  • Handy Pocket Tool

    Tom, 3/10/2011 I've purchased several of these and given them away as casual gifts. They are sturdy little tools for their size.
  • Well made little tool!

    Greg Wight, 1/2/2011 A very handy & well made little tool. I especially like how compact and easy to carry it is (no square edges when folded). Perfect for small jobs.
  • Key ring tool

    K, 12/30/2010 Very handy and well made. I've only had it a few days and have used it many times. It has saved me many steps to the workshop.
  • pocket miricle

    Nick Vandervoort, 12/30/2010 Unlike the Leatherman" tools many of us are familiar with , this little too fits nicely in your slacks pocket without much added weight or bulge. It doesn`t have a knife blade but since I carry a pocket knife,that`s not a shortcoming.This is a very well made tool, not a cheap toy."
  • best small pocket tool

    JOHN GENTRY, 12/30/2010 I got the micro-plus for stocking stuffers for my sons and son in laws. they said they were the best small pocket tool they had used.
  • Handy

    James Dotterer, 12/27/2010 This was a hit as a Christmas stocking stuffer gift. Each one had a different place to keep the pocket tool, from an old car, to a shooting bag, to a watch pocket in the their jeans.
  • Pliers and More!

    Randall Robertson, 12/19/2010 Just plainly cool! Heavy, but smoothly finished steel. No wobble at all on the hinge of the jaws. Fold down the handles, open the pliers, close the jaws with the keyring in the serrated 'circle', then fold up the handles. There! It's on your keyring and won't come off until you need pinch, cut and strip (Wires, silly) or tighten an errant flat or cross tip screw fastener. Feels good in the pocket. Did I mention it's cool?
  • This is great!

    Dave, 12/17/2010 What a clever design! This little device is compact, easy to carry, and remarkably useful with the tools it includes. I use one myself, and have given several as gifts that have been much appreciated.

    BETSY BARKER, 12/16/2010 Excellant stocking idea for our thirty somethings who aren't always as prepared as we are.
  • Handi-pliers plus

    Wally, 12/10/2010 Great tool and my traveling tool bag...the one that goes where my truck goes. Good solid construction with many useful tools. Well done.
  • Interesting

    Stan Tinsley, 12/9/2010 Perfect emergency tool for the glove box. I believe this little tool could save me a tow bill. It should handle any small repair I need. Well made and solid.
  • Big little tool

    Greg Mead, 12/9/2010 It's a solid little device. Very workable pliers, 4 different screwdrivers. Haven't had a chance to use the wire stripper/cutter/crimper yet. The bottle opener was difficult to use, but my pocket knife takes care of that anyway. In all honesty, I don't really NEED this multi-tool, but it's sure fun to have and use. If (when? - it's pretty small) I lose it, I'll definitely get another.
  • Handy

    Tom Dill, 11/25/2010 This is a handy tool for my wife to carry in her purse and also a great stocking stuffer. Will be ording more of these. Thanks For the great products and service. Tom Dill

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