Micro Scissors/Pliers Set

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Micro Scissors/Pliers Set
Exceptional household and shop tools
72A01.20 Micro Scissors/Pliers Set

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The spring in each is gentle, yet firm and smooth. The whole tool nestles right in your fingers. The micro snips have blades only 5/8" long. If you have something to cut off that is difficult to reach or delicate, reach for this. Similarly, if you need to grip a tiny something carefully yet firmly, the 5/8" pliers jaws are just the ticket. Built-in stops prevent you applying too much pressure. Available as a set of two (one each).

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Overall Rating
  • A very good product

    Olden DeCrepid, 12/5/2019 I can only rate the scissors as I have yet to receive the pliers. The scissors are great, easy to use and very sharp.
  • Micro Scissors/Pliers Set

    Becky, 5/4/2019 Great Product
  • Micro Scissors/Pliers Set

    Becky, 3/9/2016 Very Nice!!!!
  • Modeling Tools

    Jerry Henry, 10/6/2015 High quality and useful tools.
  • Perfect!

    Melanie Hansen, 5/31/2014 Perfect, precision tools.
  • Wonderful Snips!!

    Terese, 12/31/2013 The snips are fabulous for clipping threads on my embroidery sewing machine. They cut the thread very close to the fabric with no tails sticking up. The pliers are great for pulling bobbin threads up after changing a bobbin. They will always reside by my sewing machine. Well worth the $$.
  • Mini savers

    Woodnut, 3/14/2012 Sometimes you just need a very small pair of snips or grips to solve a problem. These are a nice quality and work very well in handling thread for fly tying, rod building and leatherwork.
  • Fly Tyers Salvation

    Charles P., 12/28/2011 I must confess that when I placed the micro scissors and pliers set into my online shopping cart, I had only a vague idea of how I might actually use them. Now, two months and several dozen tied flies later, I can strongly recommend the set for use tying streamers, wet flies and anything requiring spun dubbing. I appreciate the precision and ease of use of the set, especially where spaces are too small for my clumsy fingers to fit. If you're even thinking about purchasing the set without a clear idea of how you'll use it, take the plunge, put it in your cart and you'll certainly be glad you did.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner December 2011 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Charles!!"
  • micro scissors/pliers

    Ann Severine, 11/2/2010 I weave with seed beads and have found these to be indispensable. Often I need to cut thread under or between very small beads and the scissors get to the thread easily. Because of the small size. I am able to cut only the thread I need to cut, not others nearby. The scissors are sharp right to the very tip. When I need to cut a thread 1/2' or shorter, the pliers make the perfect companion as they grip securely without a lot of pressure.
  • Great Pair

    Johnny, 8/25/2010 Both of these have a great feel in your hand. Perfect for models, getting into tight places or cutting those little tabs off other plastic pieces. Get them, you'll use them often.
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