Micro Screwdriver Set

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Micro Screwdriver Set
Turned hardwood handles with hardened steel tips & shafts
Made in the USA
12K04.04 Micro Screwdriver Set

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Very small screwdrivers are not rare, but most through have tiny aluminum shanks that are hard to really control and tips that are not properly hardened to withstand even tiny levels of torque.

These are the exception - made here in the USA. The six miniature tips are 3 Phillips (#00, #000, and the very unusual #0000 size) plus 3 slot tips 1/16 to 3/32" in width (0.063" to 0.094"). The tips are of course properly hardened, something that is not easy to do with so small a cross-section of steel. Blades are black oxided to prevent corrosion. Handles are turned American hardwood. Nice tools and not expensive. Keep a set handy.

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Overall Rating
  • Micro Screwdriver Set

    Brad, 1/14/2021 Excellent workmanship and delivered in a timely manner.
  • Great set of screwdrivers

    Diana, 5/9/2020 These screwdrivers are very good quality, the tips are solid, the handle feels good in the hand and makes very easy to apply the torque that you need. My husband has an old set of larger screwdrivers from the same company that use to belong to his grandfather, we expect these ones are going to be as durable, extremely well made in USA!
  • Good product!

    John Levin, 3/19/2020 I'm focusing more and more on US made products - for quality as well as support for traditional American industries. As the description says, it's all about torque which a) small handles limit, and b) crappy blades can't withstand. I've had a German set for years with somewhat smaller handles and hardened blades, but their smallest one recently failed on a frozen screw, so I gave these a try. I like them. They are well made. Their larger handles fit my hands better. However I haven't found out if they can stand up to frozen small screws. One suggestion for the manufacturer is a better carrying case that lines up the screwdrivers so they're easier to identify and snag.
  • Phillips de Torqueville

    James Brown , 3/11/2020 Great little screwdrivers. I had a set of screwdrivers made for tightening screws on small things like eyeglasses, but even the smallest one couldn't tighten a screw on a pair of glasses, that I had recently bought. The smallest Phillips in this set did the trick. And the length of the shaft, plus the wooden handle allowed me to use the appropriate amount of torque needed.
  • Tiny Masterpieces

    theburg2014 , 2/24/2020 These hard to find mini gunsmithing screwdriver are perfect for those tiny screws some firearms. Made by Grace there fit & finish is top notch. Solid in the hand, with nice grips.
  • Great little tools

    Kenneth Moore, 5/5/2018 Comfortable to use, balanced with old-school look and feeling, just like it's larger cousins.
  • What A Great Idea

    Edward Sierzenga, 10/9/2015 This was a great idea why did no other company bring a set like this to market. I love them, I have many good sets of fine work screwdrivers. I also have arthritis which makes all of my other sets hard for me to use. Not this set the bigger handles make using them a pleasure. They are well built and sized to the work for which they are built for. I simply would not do with out them and I plan on ordering another set or two to keep in all my work areas.
  • Great Set!

    Howard, 7/25/2015 I really needed a better set, and this was the one. The handles make for a good grip, and the tips will take it! I highly recommend this set.
  • Very Handy For All Kinds of Things - Eyeglassess!

    MadameX, 9/7/2014 While there might be a variety of uses for this set, it was perfect for what my husband needed: an ability to fix or tighten eyeglasses without having to have the eye doctor do it! There are so many other uses around the house - jewelry repair, etc.
  • Micro Screwdrivers

    Margaret G Phillips, 7/28/2014 Wonderful. The wood handles make them easy to use, and the micro size make them useful for dozens of small jobs. Highly recommend.
  • Quality Tool Set

    Larry Wangerin, 7/23/2014 Earlier I purchased the full size GRACE USA screwdriver set and was very impressed - they are used for special projects only. When the mini set appeared it was an obvious purchase. Again very impressed with quality, workmanship and pricing. They are gun maker quality but also good for many other projects where precision tools are required to eliminate or minimize damage to small fasteners.
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