Micro-Size Hi-Tech Flashlight

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Clearance Micro-Size Hi-Tech Flashlight
For pocket or purse
Includes four CR123A Lithium batteries FREE- a $12.95 retail value.
04D02.12 Micro Hi-Tech

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04D02.20 Micro Hi-Tech (2)

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04D03.05 Four Pack of CR123 Batteries

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This is our smallest flashlight, and is remarkably bright for its size. Weighs only 1.5 oz and is only 2

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  • Micropower

    Gershon, 8/9/2013 One of the smallest high power flash lights. The required (1 ea) CR 123 battery may not be available at the local super but is not hard to find and lasts. I have yet to replace one. Plenty of light for virtually every common task including running through the woods. For the price, I feel it should be focusable, but I am aware of nothing that bright AND tiny and few that cheap and that bright. I have purchased 3 and always have one in my pocket.
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