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Exceptionally Handy Little Black Knife
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Streamline design and high quality 420 stainless steel make the Micron the perfect small utility knife for your pocket, knapsack or key ring. The sophisticated tanto-style 1-1/2" blade, with handy serrated spine (for extra control) set the Micron apart from other lightweight personal pocket knives. Super-cool matte black finish.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
Stainless Steel
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Overall Rating
  • Fills a niche

    Marguerite, 4/11/2017 I have many knives, but none this slim, and the price was unbeatable and the manufacturing quality very good at this price point
  • Cute little knife

    KC Portland, 9/30/2016 Smallest knife I have ever seen. Like the lock-unlock mechanism. Sharp blade. I really don't see a clear use for it, but it's worth the price anyway.
  • Extremely small, limited use

    Willard, 7/15/2016 The knife is extremely small and very limited in what it can be used for. The picture does not have anything next to it to help you judge its size. It is sharp and well made. But I paid for this and did not get it free like some and do not believe I got my money's worth.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Micron Knife. We would like you to be completely happy with it, and for it to suit your purposes. Please feel free to send it back for a refund. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Teeny tiny little knifelet

    Timothy, 5/24/2016 It's ok I guess, just be aware that it's a VERY tiny knife, suitable for cleaning under your fingernails or opening an envelope, and quality and sharpness are only so-so. For a basic key ring knife $25 seems really steep. I got it as a freebie for an order over $100 and was disappointed; if I'd paid full price I'd be looking for a refund.
  • Great knife

    Bernie, 5/23/2016 Awesome for it's size! Great for opening bags and boxes.
  • Great Knife!

    Karen, 1/18/2015 We received this knife for free with our order. My husband expected a cheap knife but was he ever surprised! He said it is a very good knife and one of the sharpest he owns now! He is a pocket knife collector and was very pleased with the quality. If you are purchasing this knife, I would highly recommend it.
  • Slim!

    George Brenner, 1/5/2015 This is the slimmest knife of this type that I have ever owned! It is only 3/16 thick at the handle, with the blade enclosed. The blade has a truly straight and very sharp edge with the design feature of having a unique sharp point that makes it ideal to easily open an envelope or any type of package. I always carry one or two knives on my person, usually that clip onto a pocket. Knives of that sort will catch onto a tight doorway or chair, car seat, etc. This SOG knife can be carried in the pocket and is so thin that it cannot be seen or felt. I would strongly recommend this knife to anyone who wants a really handy blade to carry with them at all times. It has the added feature of having a hole in the handle, so that it could be used on a key chain."
  • Handy Knife For Glove Box

    John, 10/31/2014 Great to have a good pocket knife in the car. Comes in handy for lots of things. Like serrated edge on top of blade. Looks cool too.
  • Nice Pocket Knife

    RW Ramsey, 10/30/2014 Heavier than I expected, good solid feel in my hand. Good size for daily carrying. A very handy pocket knife. I will need to get another as my daughter has adopted" mine."
  • Great Little Knife

    Laurence Betts, 10/9/2014 Great pocket knife, compact and very Sharp!
  • Super Thin

    Belinda, 12/29/2013 I order 3 of these knives for my boys and my nephew. They all loved how the knife looked and felt. Great knife.
  • Perfect Small Knife

    Jim, 12/20/2013 This is a phenomenal little knife. It is small, thin, and light. Perfect for slipping in a pocket, or like I did, putting on my keychain.
  • Tanto Knife

    Joseph W Dryer, 4/22/2013 Excellent, keep it with me all the time.
  • Tanto Knife

    Linda, 3/27/2013 It has an interesting blade, and it was nice and sharp. However, it is so tight in the handle that I can't close it.
  • Micron 2 Tanto Knife

    Dan Demichelis, 3/26/2013 Received this as a freebie" with an order over $150. The product is, to me, essentially useless. Once it is open and locked, I need a pair of pliers to unlock and close the blade. The blade itself is dull which is probably a good thing since it is so difficult to close. No wonder it is being given away. No one would / should buy it."
  • Knife

    Bob, 1/1/2013 Very good value for the money
  • Slim and fierce

    Brandel, 12/29/2012 Very slim knife for in pocket carry or on a key chain. Sharp tanto blade with a strong lock. No blade jiggle. Good knife for the price.
  • SOG Pocketknife

    Lyle, 6/8/2012 Works well as a folding pocketknife because of small size and flat shape. I like a bigger knife but the bigger ones are always hard to keep in your pocket.
  • Would be a great knife at twice the price

    James Simon, 4/14/2012 SOG makes high class knives, including combat knives for Navy Seals. This is about the smallest they make but it doesn't disappoint. The blade is a quality stainless. It wasn't very sharp when it arrived but some time on the stones and strop and it takes a wicked edge. It is easy to sharpen because the Tanto style has two straight edges. The blade lock is absolutely tight. It is wonderfully light and thin and disappears into a pocket. Works great as a striking knife. Its a sturdy quality knife at a great price. I bought 2.
  • cool pocket knife

    David Allen, 8/24/2011 pretty cool knife; only $12, very small, so, very portable, you can put it on your key chain, and it is as sharp as it is small. Im not sure who SOG is, but appears to be a good brand.
  • Great Knife

    Steve, 12/26/2010 Received this knife as a gift and I think it is great. Compact, not obtrusive in the pocket. Very sharp. Easy to open. I really like that it is a lock blade.
  • Micron 2 Tanto Folder

    BK, 12/23/2010 This is a great little knife for every day carry. It's very flat profile fits in your pocket without a bit of extra thickness, length or weight. The factory edge on the knife is very good. It locks open securely and has a very solid feel to it. The small serrations on the top of the blade help add extra control and security to the knife when you choke up on the blade for close in, finer cuts. The SOG Micron 2 Tanto has now replaced a much larger blade knife as my new every day carry knife. It's small but well designed and can do it all.
  • Tactical want-a-be""

    James Gammon, 12/20/2010 I bought this cute little tactical want-a-be" on a lark. SOG makes good knives so why not? I love to play with as I watch TV. It is very sharp. Would be great on a key chain."
  • Exceptional Value

    Mild Mannered, 12/17/2010 I have a small number of blades -- each from one of of the major manufactures. For the price, this little blade is a great tool - the tanto shape (the SOG Xray was my first and this smaller brother stands up) and had help up to similar abuse already. One comment, the blade is more likely sharp enough for most folks given use, but hit a 10000 grit stone/strop will provide some value, even on this $12 knife -- and the steel seems to be a better grade of 420 in a v grind. Hmm.
  • slick knife

    charles hurst, 12/17/2010 This is a nice-handling knife with good sharp edge. My next purchase will include a handful more for gifts.
  • quality at a good price

    richie, 12/16/2010 funtional quality
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