Mini Camp Hatchet & Draw Knife– The Perfect Pair

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Sale Mini Camp Hatchet & Draw Knife– The Perfect Pair
Be a “pioneer homesteader”
54A03.26 Draw Knife

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54A03.90 Mini Camp Hatchet & Draw Knife - Homestead Building Pair

Available 05/15/2021

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This is a well-matched pair that will chop, split, peel and shape green wood into anything that you envision. The Mini Camp Hatchet is a potent chopper that is easy to transport. Pack it or wear it on your belt. The head is carbon steel and the handle is made of sturdy American Hickory. The Draw Knife is the ideal companion to the Hatchet because it picks up where the Hatchet leaves off. It’s ability to accurately square a log, or taper the end is unparalleled. It can even be used to shape new tool handles from raw stock. It is a true “homestead builder’s tool”. Both are forged in Germany. The Hatchet’s handsome leather sheath is made in the USA. The combination comes to you at a Saving over the usual cost – a temptation for you to have that dream.

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