Mini Multi-Tool-8-in-1

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Mini Multi-Tool-8-in-1
An easy every-day-carry
09B01.08 Mini Multi-Tool

Available 12/30/2020


09B01.80 Mini Multi-Tool (2)

Available 12/30/2020


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Multi-Tools are hugely popular because they provide so much functionality in one compact package. But this model goes one better - because it is small and very easy to carry in your pants pocket. Stainless steel. Weighs only 1-1/2 oz and folded is only 2-1/2" long. Needle Nose Pliers, Wire Cutter Can Opener, Phillips Screwdriver, Straight Edge Knife, Mini LED Light (battery Included) and a Key Ring. There's nothing not to like. And we do. Very nicely executed. Included a carry pouch with a belt loop if that is more desirable than the pocket.

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  • Excellent Glove Box Addition

    Angie Quickstad, 12/14/2018 I like that this multi-tool has a light on it. It is very handy to keep in the glove box of your car in case you need it to fix something. I have family that live in remote areas and this little thing has helped out a number of times while out driving.
  • A Great Student Gift

    Martin, 12/6/2017 A great little gift item. A practical gift for a students back pack.
  • Stocking Stuffer

    Nancy, 11/28/2017 Stocking stuffer for all the boys in our family-big and little. Can't wait for them to see what Santa brought!
  • Great Stocking Stuffer For The Tool Lover In Your Family

    Sharon Bourke, 11/28/2014 If you have a tool lover in your family, this is the stocking stuffer for you! Small pocket tool interesting enough to keep your tool junkie using it in practical applications.
  • Super Gift to Give

    Roger T , 3/2/2014 I found this Mini Multi-Tool-8-in-1 is a wonderful tool and light gift to give almost anyone. No the flash light will not light up a football field, it will do its job of lighting small locations. The selection of tools provided are excellent and do their job very well.
  • Finally, An Ultralight Working Multitool

    Jim , 1/25/2014 I confess to being a multi-tool collector and user. My wife and son know what to get me for Christmas or birthday -- when all else fails, go for the multi-tool. One would think that with the Leathermans, Swiss-Techs, and various knock-offs that I'd be a bit jaded. But this little one got me. I mean, who makes a multi-tool that only weighs an ounce and a half!? It's so light that I hardly notice it in my pocket. Best of all, though, is that the tools work. The knife cuts, and that is a big plus coming from a guy who obsessively sharpens all of his pocket knives. The screw driver screws and unscrews without getting distorted by the first job. The needlenose pliers actually meet evenly, and the highpoint is the flashlight. Unlike many multi-tool lights which tend to the feeble, this one is brighter than my mini Mag-lite. As far as I'm concerned, for everyday use, this multi-tool is like Karl Malden's American Express -- don't leave home without it.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner January 2014 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Jim!! "
  • Anybody Can Use This Tool

    Stephanie, 12/17/2013 This little pocket tool is a complete safety workhorse. It will light your way,twist wires, cut a block of cheese, and open your beer! It has it all and it is fun to pull out to serve any situation. I gave them to my adult kids and they loved them. Now I need one for my purse and one for the glovebox.
  • Look's Great

    Tatum Young, 10/29/2013 I have not used it because it is a Christmas present for my son.
  • Thank You

    Jim, 8/25/2013 Thank you. I have my dad's old Yankee hand drill and couldn't find new drill bits.. until I found your website. This was one of my most useful tools and now it is again. Since finding your website I also bought the multi-tool". Another great tool to keep in my tool bag. I also ordered a second one to keep in the car. There are so many times and situations that I need a common tool, and this "multi-tool" takes care of these needs. Thank you!"
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