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Bestseller Short Personal Machete
With a well balanced tropical hardwood handle
04D01.24 Short Personal Machete

Available 12/31/2018


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Our full-sized Personal Machete (04D04.16) has been one of our most popular outdoors tools for years. One of the reasons for that popularity is its unique full sized tropical hardwood handle with the bulb shaped end that provides such a secure grip. It fits your hand like a glove – and the solid brass pins are a nice plus. The design provides exceptional handling control. We have had many requests to add this style of tool with a shorter blade and here it is. Overall length is 16-1/2". Blade length 10-1/2". The shorter length gives you greater maneuverability when movement is more confined.

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Overall Rating
  • Fine Short Personal Machete

    William, 4/9/2018 Arrived in good order. Well packaged with care instructions. Seems well made, like the wood handle. Not so large it becomes unwieldy while carrying or using. Packs well. May need sharpening.
  • Nice

    Jamie, 2/8/2018 Love it! Nice blade,handle and sheath! Love how the sheath when on belt loop flows freely 360' .
  • Great quality with one small drawback

    Michael L., 8/5/2017 The machetes are of very good quality. The only drawback is they do not come with a sample of the oil you are encouraged to use to keep them in top form.
  • Personal Machete

    Robert, 5/6/2017 Very nice finish and seems very solid. Have only used briefly but really like the size and balance close work and seems to hold edge pretty well. More costly than many options, but personally believe it was worth the higher cost. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a shorter length machete
  • Great tool for the jobs

    Rick Thompson, 4/28/2017 One of the best blades I own. Balance, weight, sharpness, ideal for the job. Thanks for a great tool!
  • Most Excellent Tool

    Ronald L. Keffer, 2/13/2017 I certainly wasn't disappointed when this machete arrived. It is weighty and sturdy, with a thick, pre-sharpened blade. This won't just cut weeds; it will lop off sizable branches easily. It's almost an axe instead of a machete. The handle is most welcome, too. This machete will not fly out of your hand. That large knob on the end of the handle is just what the doctor ordered. I'm 70, and my grip isn't what it used to be, but even I can hang onto this tool. I highly recommend it. Do note its length. It isn't a long machete, but you'll love what it can do.
  • Well pleased.

    Charles, 12/9/2016 Great machete at a fair price. Use it most every day clearing fence lines and trails..
  • Good tool

    Paul Smoland, 10/23/2016 Good balance, comes sharp, heavy, nice sheath. I bought it for bamboo, but right now using it for lopping branches from fallen tree. Makes up for its short length by its weight and super sturdiness.
  • Good buy!

    Eric Dennis, 7/18/2016 The length and weight of this machete made for excellent handling with good cutting power. The sheath was a little tight, but that should wear in over time.
  • Solid stuff!

    Bob, 7/16/2016 You can't wreck a steel ball, and these things are built like that! This is my second Condor product and I am very impressed by the construction, balance and craftsmanship of these tools.
  • Short Personal Machete

    Robert, 7/16/2016 An excellent tool for clearing brush, trimming limbs, or any number of odd jobs. Sharp right out of the box with a good solid wood handle. Highly satisfied.
  • High Quality Machete

    Kevin, 3/28/2016 Super sharp, well balanced with full tang and excellent handle. Heavy duty sheath. Great for clearing and de-branching cut trees.
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