Mini “Yankee” 10” Push Screwdriver

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08C03.06 Mini “Yankee” 10” Push Screwdriver

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If you’ve ever used a ratcheting push drill or screwdriver, you’ll know how handy and functional they are. There are no batteries or plugs, and the double ratcheting action is fast, smooth, and effective. This update of the classic hand tool features a stripped down profile, resulting in a lighter feel in the hand, plus a hard plastic storage compartment in the handle for bits and drivers. Has three settings: forward, reverse, and a locked setting, allowing it to be turned in a fixed position. Locking chuck allows quick switching of bits.

Comes with three double-ended bits: three sizes each of Phillips (#1,2,3) and three slot drivers (3/16/, 7/32, 9/32), plus extra space in the handle for a total of 8 bits. Also accepts drill bits; in fact, any ¼” hex bit will work. There’s a reason this design has been around so long--it just works.

10 ½” L overall

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Overall Rating
  • Good replacement

    Kaniner, 12/29/2018 My dad lost a screwdriver like this in a hurricane so I bought him this as a similar replacement. He seems pretty happy with it.
  • Solid

    Otto, 7/5/2018 Great sturdy product.
  • Purchased to "Replace" but it was Really an Upgrade!

    Philip Jaster, 6/26/2017 This replaces, While Improving upon my 30+ year old Mini Yankee Push Screwdriver. It was my "reach For" screwdriver while working in a Hundred unit Apartment Complex, Set for all the 6-32 screws in Light Switch Covers, Removed Prior to Painting. Light Weight saved more Physical Work, than using my heavier Cordless Drill. I love that it was upgraded to use 1/4 inch Hex Bits, and I KNOW it will be used in the building of my new house, Saving the cordless drill for more important work, because the property is "Off Grid" and will stay that way.
  • 10" Yankee-Screwdriver

    Bob Simmons, 5/6/2017 An attack of nostalgia made me order the 10 inch Yankee. It is everything, maybe a little better, that I remember. I still have my father's large Yankee-Screwdriver and make some use of it.
  • Yankee screwdriver

    Don Steigel, 4/17/2017 Well made, hand operated yankee screwdriver/drill. Remember product youth.
  • Great treat to find one of these

    Marguerite, 4/12/2017 Looking for this sort of Yankee screwdriver for years. I went with the smaller size because its portable and versatile. Really prefer it to battery screw driver for small jobs. People used these things for years. Powered tools are not always better
  • Mini “Yankee” 10" Push Screwdriver

    Larry Laxton, 4/9/2017 well made. Handy size. I keep it on my desk for chores around the man cave. I supplemented the three bits with an extra assortment from the hardware store.
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