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Sale Miniature Screwdrivers
Color coded for quick recall
26B09.01 Mini Screwdriver Set

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26B09.10 Mini Screwdriver Set (2)

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With 4 slot tips (1 to 2mm) and 2 Phillips tips, these extra-miniature, very well made 4" long tools will find a permanent place in your tool chest or shop. We've seen lots of these at tool shows, and these are by far the most handsome and well designed of all. A terrific value.

Made in Taiwan.

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Overall Rating
  • Can’t beat the price on this set

    Diane Cobourn, 6/14/2019 Can’t beat this set for the price. Great quality. Perfect for my shop.
  • Great set for the price

    eof, 4/21/2019 This is an exceptionally sturdy bit of kit. The driver tips are well-machined, straight, and do not cam out easily.
  • Mini Screwdriver Set

    Jon Holmquist , 2/17/2019 I have a set. I bought them to give my sons. I like the heft of the individual drivers and they work well for all very small straight-slot & Phillips screws. Great for glasses hinge screws
  • Great Find

    Sharon J. Morgan, 12/11/2018 I bought 2 sets of these screwdrivers; one for my husband, one for myself. They were great. My son came home to visit and used them to tighten up his glasses, he was hooked. So i just purchased him a set and had them shipped to him. He was surprised and very grateful. Garret Wade is The place to find unique , useful tools. Love them.
  • Exellent Miniature Screwdriver Set

    Jerry Bridges, 10/25/2018 I was pleased to find these miniature screwdrivers. They are well made, plainly marked for size and fit those frustrating tiny screws on many things around the home.
  • Seem to be very well made

    Jack Elliott, 7/14/2018 good very small screwdrivers hard to find quality ones this small
  • Great Tools

    Jim Halloran, 5/24/2018 This item is of high quality and well-packaged.
  • Good quality

    Nicky, 5/29/2017 More sturdy than most small sets. Definitely worth the price.
  • Mini screwdrivers

    Susan, 3/31/2017 Bought one for me and one for a gift so that we can stop looking for something to tighten frames on eye-glasses.
  • Mini screwdriver set

    Larry Paxton, 10/21/2016 Beautiful set. Excellent quality. REALLY small! You can work on eyeglasses with these.
  • Min-Screwdriver Set

    Barbara A. Moser-Ward, 10/2/2016 Just what I have been looking for, they are lightweight and sturdy. Very easy to use and practical.
  • Much, much better than the hardware store set they replace!

    Peter, 5/17/2016 Went to GW after being frustrated with the mini screwdriver sets I'd bought at my local hardware store. These are infinitely better!
  • Miniatures for the masses!

    JAMES L APPLETON, 3/8/2016 I don't need miniature screwdrivers every day, but when one is needed, this set of tools always seems to contain the correct tool and one that is well built, conveniently stored, and ideal for the job at hand. The set is a great addition to any tool kit.
  • Sturdy Precision

    Frank Morganti, 12/14/2014 These tools look beautiful; and they are tough as nails. When you need to tighten a screw on your eyeglasses or tighten a tiny screw on a model car, these are the tools to reach for.
  • Screw Driver

    Tis Himself, 5/8/2014 Well made mini screw driver set.
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