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Clearance Model M30 Hi-Performance
Model M30 - Exceptionally powerful for extreme needs - up to 700 lumens
Includes four CR123A Lithium batteries FREE
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X04D03.30 Model M30 Hi-Performance

Available 03/01/2018


To the best of our knowledge, this is one of the most powerful Hi-Tech LED flashlight commercially available. If one of these is what you need, you cannot go wrong. It was developed with a heavy-duty law enforcement and military-use design influence.

The Model M30 uses 3 or 4 CR123A batteries. (Adding the 4th using the case-extension gives you longer battery life.) It delivers 3 power levels from 8 to 700 lumens (plus a powerful strobe) using its world-class Cree MC-E LED.

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and battery charger are available.

Ships with four CR123A Lithium batteries - a $12.95 retail value.

See below for more information.
More Info
The M-30 is a compact "tactical" size at 6-3/4" long and weighs 7 oz. Its effective reach is about 1200 ft. Power selection memory is built-in in the circuitry with a separate power on/off. (A pack of 4 CR123A batteries will come with each M-30.) Each comes in a fitted case with a removable Diffuser that is extremely useful for even-light large area illumination.

Rechargeable batteries and recharger are available for the M-30 High Performance light.

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  • Olightwark LED Flashlight

    David Lawson, 1/14/2014 I absolutely hate to think about spending this kind of money on a flashlight. I finally got the M30, via a friends prodding, and have to say its just the perfect flashlight. At low output its great for trail walking or sneaking upstairs into bed without waking the kids or wife. at highest output it will light up what every you need too. The strobe setting is great for bears on the trail or I suppose to blind an intruder (its blinds me horribly!). The 3 / 4 cell configuration means it fits well into a coat pocket and can be longer for bag or carry. It is very flexible while meeting all of its configuration well - no OK at this and OK at that: this does it all and well. I have carried mine overseas in cities, in mountains out west hunting, and use it around the house all the time. I keep trying to find another better (than this 'starter') but I'll just buy more of the m30.
  • LED flashlight

    Brad Marples, 10/12/2013 I've been cautious about spending a lot of money on a good LED flashlight. A year or so ago I bought one for both of our children, who were in college at the time. I finally broke down and bought the M30 Triton through your website. Just got back from a trip to Italy and used it walking along those narrow highways in the evening. Great flashlight. Very light and easy to carry. The diffuser was handy for use on the trail. Thanks so much.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner October 2013 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Brad!!
  • Revolutionary Technology Leap

    Lou Knapp, 4/1/2013 This light is a revolutionary leap in technology. I have been carrying an 18'' Maglite that has 5 D batteries for years. Not only is this light less than half it's size, a 1/4 of it's weight, it's 4 or 5 times as powerful. It also allows you the flexibility of illumination choices to suit your needs. I feel it is worth every penny of the cost and am very close to ordering my second one.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner April 2013 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Louis!!
  • Bright LED Flashlight

    Mike Grant, 1/10/2013 This is a very handy flashlight. Meets most of my needs. Two things to watch for. The batteries are expensive, albeit it is frugal in its consumption. There several brightnesses; but these are not real brightness changes; they are strobe light. Thus looking a moving object requires you to use the brightest mode
  • Bright Light/User Issues

    Mike, 12/17/2011 We do disabled motorist aid daily. Have used two of these lights for about 4 months now. Needs to be used with all 4 batteries (will run on 3 but not well). Not user friendly-- the brightness change/strobe button is unreachable with one hand and cannot be found by feel in the dark. Difficult as a tactical light. But small and focal and bright it is.! Comes with white diffuser; but needs to have the set. RED is the most useful to us.
  • Blinding

    John B, 3/20/2011 This flashlight is fabulous. I wanted a really strong flashlight for those emergencies when the lights go out. This flashlight packs a punch with plenty of light. What I also like is the ability to tone down the light a few notches when you need to. True - it's probably the most expensive flashlight I have ever bought, but it will probably be the last.
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