Modeler’s Pin Vise/Drill Kit

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Modeler’s Pin Vise/Drill Kit
Specific tools for special small work
Super-small bits are delicate and usually need to be used with a hand-rotated pin vise. A firm we know in India makes these small scale tools. Really made for the jewelry trade, but also extremely useful to have in a woodworking shop for those exceptional needs. They're very affordable, so buy a set and keep them in a drawer for when they're needed. The kit includes four steel pin vises, 4" long, with collet sizes from 0 to 4.8 mm, plus a round wood-handled pin vise with 2 collets sized 0 to 2.5 mm. Added are 30 miniature HSS drills sized from 0.3 to 2.0 mm. India.

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  • Nice tool, packaging leaves something to be desired

    Melissa, 12/13/2017 I bought this set as a gift for my husband and I cannot yet vouch for the quality of the tool itself, but it does look like exactly what he needs. The only thing I was disappointed with was the packaging. I am so glad I opened the box before wrapping it. The plastic sleeves the drills and metal pin vises were in were torn to bits and covered in grease. I understand the need to keep things like this oiled, but this was a sticky, black mess. Plus, the tiny bits will fall out of the holes in the sleeves. I am going to have to try to figure out if I can concoct a little leather case or something to keep these organized. The plastic sleeves are certainly not gift-suitable in the state they are in.
  • Great set, Great price

    Roger , 4/18/2017 Looked for a long time for a set like this, could not believe the price and how well it was made. Will keep looking at Garrett Wade for high quality tools.
  • Must have.

    Glenn Woods, 2/18/2017 This is a very nice set that immediately served me well. It now resides within easy reach on my bench. Well made and nicely finished. Indispensable!
  • Nice set

    Joel, 1/7/2010 Very nice for small jobs where power drill is not an option. Have used them on wood and plastic and they worked well on both. I particularly like having the wooden pin vise as well as the metal ones.
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