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Modern Embroidery Scissors
Beautiful classic embroidery scissors have long been a favorite and hold a special place in our hearts, but an Italian maker that we have great respect for has recently brought our attention to a very impressive departure from tradition which greatly improves performance while retaining the charms of the classic.

Their patented “ring-lock” pivot design is the key. It keeps the blades in perfect alignment while eliminating what would otherwise be normal wear in the hinge. With precision machined bearings and a self-lubricating Teflon ring, the pivot provides a rotation circumference 60% larger than on traditional scissors, resulting in a smoother, more precise cut and a longer edge life on the blades.

With a modernly sleek and unmistakably Italian body design, the scissors feel wonderful in the hand. The smaller pair has gently curved blades only 3/4" long. Its larger companion has straight blades 1-3/8" long. Both are made of mat-brushed stainless steel. Bellissima!
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