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Sale Modern Embroidery Scissors
Innovative design, unique style, impressive performance
Unmistakably designed and made in Italy
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65S01.16 Curved Blade Embroidery

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65S01.15 Straight Blade Embroidery

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65S01.25 Both Italian Embroidery

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Beautiful classic embroidery scissors have long been a favorite and hold a special place in our hearts, but an Italian maker that we have great respect for has recently brought our attention to a very impressive departure from tradition which greatly improves performance while retaining the charms of the classic.

Their patented “ring-lock” pivot design is the key. It keeps the blades in perfect alignment while eliminating what would otherwise be normal wear in the hinge. With precision machined bearings and a self-lubricating Teflon ring, the pivot provides a rotation circumference 60% larger than on traditional scissors, resulting in a smoother, more precise cut and a longer edge life on the blades.

With a modernly sleek and unmistakably Italian body design, the scissors feel wonderful in the hand. The smaller pair has gently curved blades only 3/4" long. Its larger companion has straight blades 1-3/8" long. Both are made of mat-brushed stainless steel. Bellissima!

Curved Blade Embroidery Scissors

Overall Length:      3-5/8"

Weight:                  3/4 oz.

Material:                 Stainless Steel

Finish:                    Brush Mat

Straight Blade Embroidery Scissors

Overall Length:      4-5/16"

Weight:                  1 oz.

Material:                 Stainless Steel

Finish:                    Brush Mat

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  • Fantastic Scissors!

    Katrina Middleton, 9/30/2017 I absolutely love these Premax ring-lock embroidery scissors! They are beautifully made, feel so comfortable in the hand, and cut perfectly all the way to the tip. These scissors are a precision tool, yet very affordable.
  • They cut to the tip.

    Linda, 9/12/2016 One of my tests for a good pair of scissors is do they cut all the way to the tip. These do. They have a very nice feel in the hand. I will enjoy using this tool. Very well made.
  • Great Scissors!

    Gregory Hekel, 6/18/2016 Very high quality small scissors. I have been searching for a pair like these and am very pleased. Others are less quality and not fine enough at the point for detailed cutting. Highly recommended, even at this price!
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