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Sale Monkey's Fist Key Holder Special
Solid brass, and virtually impossible to lose
86A03.77 Monkey's Fist Key Holder Special

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This Solid Brass shackle looks great and easily holds many large keys. 'Monkey's Fist' was the nickname given by sailors to the decorative nautical knot which gives this key holder its unique appearance (and, incidentally, helps to keep it from ever getting lost). This is a real “handyman’s special”.

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Overall Rating
  • Rings My Bell ;>)

    William Hampton, 4/24/2020 Exactly what I was looking for. As an old sailor , I've gone thru quite a few "Tommy Knockers" with the hard bearing core. That's not what I wanted here. Simply a proper tug / Bell Pull with a decent tone to announce visitors at my gate . And, I'm quite the Byrds fan ;>) Last but not least; very good casting at a very affordable price !
  • A really unique keyring idea

    Shereen, 2/25/2020 The perfect size to drop in your purse and yet find when you are walking to the car. Sturdy and well made, and yet lightweight so you don't weigh your keys down hanging out of the ignition in the car.
  • Monkey’s fist key holder.

    Tadeusz Solowiej, 1/5/2020 Handy and well made, functional. Friends want to know where I got it.
  • Monkey's Fist Keyring

    Benjamin Ehrman, 8/17/2019 A nicely made and definitely distinctive and interesting keyring. The only thing keeping it from 5 stars is that it really doesn't hold many keys.
  • Key chain with some weight to it.

    Mark, 3/7/2019 Nice key ring, and on sale to boot.
  • Monkey's fist

    william rush, 1/27/2019 well made product will work great for gifts to the Eagle Scouts I work with
  • Holy Moly

    Kevin Hartland , 12/27/2018 The perfect gift for the nieces boy friend. I even got points from it, if you no what I mean! And the price, Holy moly, thanks. I'll see you again.
  • ALWAYS know they keys you pick up are yours with this key-fob!

    Thomas Holbrook, 12/18/2018 Handy, well made, functional and FUN! When ppl see this key chain, they want to know where I got it. I keep an eye out to make sure I get mine back!
  • Sturdy design

    H. Mackey, 12/10/2018 Look sturdy and I hope this will help with the misplaced keys.
  • Knot a conventional key fob

    Travers Edwards, 12/9/2018 After watching this item in your catalog for a couple of years, I decided to give myself an early Christmas present and I am glad that I did. Its too big to lose and holds 2 sets of keys easily.
  • Monkey's Fist Key Holder

    Lisa Bradford, 12/8/2018 This is a Christmas gift for my husband and I believe he is going to love it; however, in case he doesn't like it, I'm ready to take it over in a heartbeat as I have terrible arthritis in my hands and it will make finding it so much easier for me.
  • Great gift for a sailor

    Michael Connolly, 12/4/2018 As a retired Navy man, this key holder is really special and it makes a great gift for my former shipmates. It brings back a lot of memories and it is easy to find in your pocket (or purse for the ladies)
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