Mora Kindling Tool

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Mora Kindling Tool
Smaller does not make it less useful - it's just different, providing you with an ability to work with smaller pieces and make smaller kindling. Swedish made. It's ideal for camping. At 11 overall with a 4" long blade, it's easy to manipulate and move around. The tough flat back allows you to drive it through to split off kindling in a breeze.

Made of Triflex steel. Triflex is best described as a material between laminated steel and plain carbon steel hardened to Rc 59-60 with a softer surface that improves the tensile strength considerably. Triflex is more resistant to bending than laminated steel, and is harder and tougher than stainless steel.

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Overall Rating
  • Sharp carbon steel

    Gail White, 1/17/2018 In all my years of having horses and watching the farrier every six weeks, I have never seen any of them use a tool of this type! The farrier tool is curved to match the shape of the hoof.
  • Kindle fire

    Clifford, 3/28/2017 I will use it for splitting kindling for my backyard "campfire" toasting marsmallows & roasing hotdogs.
  • Would be better if it came with a sheath.

    Larry, 12/31/2016 Overall, I like it, and it works well enough. But, like another reviewer--it is scary sharp and only comes with a heavy paper blade cover that won't last long or stay on reliably.
  • Sharp Carbon Steel

    Tom, 11/21/2016 This is actually an equine knife, used for trimming horses' hooves. As such, it comes scary sharp. But bear in mind it's not stainless and will rust easily. Wiping it down with light oil and keeping in a sheath is a good idea.
  • Perfect Kindling Blade

    Donald P Bednar, 10/8/2016 Perfect tool for kindling needed to start fires in my wood stove. Good blade and good size for our needs.
  • Nice

    Karen, 11/3/2014 Bought as a gift for my husband. I'm sure he will love it. This is a sturdy, well made tool. It's small enough to take along but big enough to do the job.
  • Compact and useful

    Christopher Conti, 3/30/2011 Great for camping; light, thin and sharp. I start my fires with flint whenever possible, even at home, and thin kindling is a must. And it's sharp enough to be able to use another log as a sledge, rather than having to lug one around with it, which would make its portability irrelevant.
  • Good but...

    Ed, 2/16/2011 The small kindling maker blade is excellent for those smaller kindling starters, but it would be easier to make regular size kindling with a larger version of this same tool.
  • multi use and handy

    richie, 11/23/2010 Another well made item
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