Multi-Angle Miter And Frame Clamp

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Multi-Angle Miter And Frame Clamp
Versatile clamp excels at odd shaped assemblies
96N03.23 Multi-Angle Clamp

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96N03.24 Extra Corner Clamp (4 Of)

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This affordable clamp grabs almost any shape - even round or oval objects. The 13 ft. nylon clamping web and 4 sliding pressure corners (each with two feet for gripping) are easy to use: just pull the web though the clamp to set it up, lock the webbing clamp and apply final pressure with the screw handle.

Additional corners may be added as needed (sold separately as a set of 4), by sliding them onto the end of the web. Materials: steel, high impact plastic and nylon.

Made In Taiwan.

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Overall Rating
  • Nylon strap clamp.

    Dan Riley, 2/9/2019 The best clamp that I’ve ever owned for picture frames and drawers!Highly recommend!
  • useful

    Colin Barnett, 1/20/2019 Very useful. I actually used it to hold a 4" PVC pipe onto my drill press table so I could drill a 1.5" hole in the side of the pipe. I just wrapped the strap around the table and put the plastic parts on top of the pipe.
  • Great product!

    Marilyn Nygrin, 1/3/2019 Sooo much better than traditional clamps for frames & corners! Great product easy to use.
  • Easy to make different shaped frames

    EdArt, 12/27/2018 I use these with the multi-clamp to make various frames to mount my abstract wood carvings; 5,6,7,8 sided
  • Multi-angle Clamp

    Edwin Brown, 12/27/2018 Great quality, workmanship and easy to use.
  • Handy device

    John, 11/6/2016 Versatile device that will be handy for a variety of projects. Only sorry that I got it too late for a recent construction for which it would have been ideally suited.
  • EZ Does It

    Dave Kruger, 5/6/2015 Quick and easy to operate and this clamp really 'squares up' corners. Haven't tried it on more than four corners yet, but anticipate using it on octagonal boxes I make. A fine tool that does its job very well.
  • Christmas Gift To Myself

    Steve Bauserman, 12/29/2014 I put this to work immediately making a gift for my wife. It saved sooo much time and gave me an actually square product. I only wish there was a larger version.
  • Review of Ordering

    John Douglas, 11/20/2013 Relative to this, my first, dealing with Garrett Wade, I must say that the ordering process, from A to Z , was 100% perfect, professional and pleasant. Receipt of the products was prompt. I would not hesitate to use this site again should I ever have a need, or want, to. Thank you.
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