Multi-Directional Ratcheting Socket Drivers

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Clearance Multi-Directional Ratcheting Socket Drivers
Gives you a little wiggle room in tight places
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73B01.04 ⅜” Multi-directional Ratchet Handle

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Regular Price: $22.70

Special Price $12.00

73B01.05 ½” Multi-Directional Ratchet Handle

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Regular Price: $29.95

Special Price $14.00

Ratcheting tools are essential, but are sometimes hard to maneuver in tight areas. These clever ratcheting socket drivers solve the space problem with a moving hub that rotates up to 10 degrees off vertical to allow you some freedom of movement. We have two sizes, a 3/8” driver measuring nearly 8” L and a ½” size which measures 10” L.

Next time you’re underneath the car or up in the rafters, you’ll be glad to have this – sometimes that little extra angle is all you need. Get them both and keep one in the car.

½” Driver: 10” L Overall
⅜” Driver: 7 ¾” L Overall
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