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Clearance Multi-Shower Nozzle
Made in Germany – Great water flow control
Comes with a Free Brass Quick connector
39A01.60 Multi-Shower Nozzle

Available 03/11/2021

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This pistol-grip watering Nozzle, made in Germany, features 10 individual settings, from jet to spray. Perimeter ring adjusts with solid, satisfying clicks, while helpful illustrations around the ring give quick-read info. All-metal construction (except for the trigger assembly), with a nicely textured rubber grip. Long-lasting, nickel-plated quick connectors make setup fast and easy, with no leakage. Also features a handy flow adjustment knob on the back of the handle. A great all-around nozzle for your various watering needs.

Comes with a Free Brass Quick Connector to make attaching to any Garden hose a breeze.

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  • Specialized watering tools

    Greg Shell , 6/14/2020 This tool gives the gardener the ability to create optimal conditions for specific plants within specific boundaries. The challenge for the user is that they must use this tool wisely to replace the water deficit their plants are undergoing.
  • multi shower nozzle

    Benay, 4/4/2020 This is one of the best garden purchases in a long time. Though expensive it will save on the water bill because I won't have to use the sprinkler. Its easy to water all of the raised beds very quickly, plus the spray is perfect for seeds. No more heavy watering can. Its easier to water trees because of the long distance that the water travels. No more lugging the hose to very back of the yard. Overall a plus for my back, the garden, and the water bill.
  • German Multi-Shower Nozzle

    Leonie Meima, 3/1/2020 I purchased two of these nozzles. I like the multi functionality, but there are a lot of plastic parts. The flow-valve dial is plastic, and that has broken off on one of the nozzles I purchased after just a couple of years. Managing the flow is important for slow deep watering applications for trees, and other applications, and I now need to switch out my nozzles when I need to deep water one area of my yard. For the price, I wish they used fewer plastic parts.
  • German made hose nozzle

    James Borchardt , 6/3/2019 Wow this is a great hose nozzle; I love doing my work with it: snick, snick, snick as it is a joy to dial the nozzle through all the different water patterns.
    However, in your description you fail to mention that you have to to use the nozzle with the supplied quick connector (a male connector attached to the female end of the hose) and hose coupling (one end of coupling snaps into quick connector already attached to the nozzle and the other end of the coupling, the female end, attaches to the male end of a garden hose) to attach it to a USA garden hose. The female threads on the German nozzle are not compatible with US garden hose threads...German made nozzle but not built to USA specifications. You should’ve been more forth right with feature.
  • Amazing German Multi-Shower Nozzle!

    Clenise White, 4/11/2017 This German-made nozzle is better than all previously nozzles that I have purchased over the years, and because it is so solidly built, I expect it will probably be the last one that I will need to purchase. The all-metal construction makes it feel sturdy in my hands, and the definite click that I can hear when changing the perimeter rim for the various water patterns, gives me confidence that the pattern I select will not shift during the watering process. Incidentally, there are 10 different settings to choose from which makes it easy to go from one planting area to another with no problem. One thing that I particularly like about this nozzle is that there is a flow-valve knob which allows me to use a heavy or light or somewhere-in-between flow of water depending on whatever I need for my different needs. The fast flow is great for filling fountains, and the light flow works well for newly planted flower beds. The last feature that I think is worthy of high praise is the easy way that this nozzle connects up to a hose. It comes with a very solid quick connector that allows me to attach and detach the nozzle from the hose with a simple easy motion. And best of all, there is no leaking whatsoever and I can enjoy watering just the plants without watering myself!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner April 2017 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Clenise!!
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