Multiple Replacement Drill Bits (90 pieces)

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Clearance Multiple Replacement Drill Bits (90 pieces)
A smaller set at a great price
05T02.01 Multiple Replacement Drill Bits (90 pieces)

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Our 230 piece duplicate copy drill bit set in a steel box has proved hugely popular. Yet we discovered a beautiful 90 piece set of HSS centerless-ground premium bits with a wear-resistant TIN finish in the grooves, we jumped at it to give you even more choice. Sizes from 1/16 to 3/8" to give you an instant replacement if you lose a bit or one gets damaged or becomes dull during a project.

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Overall Rating
  • Well presented, straight, sharp drill bits

    James A Woronow, 12/14/2016 First thing I noticed was a nice metal box that holds all the bits.Bits themselves are in separate spaces and easily found and replaces when done unlike those stamped steel boxes that catch the bit or easily confused with size. The bit themselves are well sharpened and chucked into my drill/mill show no ride-out. Makes me want to buy a Dr. Doctor and, for once, be organized with my drill bits.
  • Variety, Quantity and Quality - who could ask for more?

    Kevin T Bradshaw, 8/1/2016 Fantastic! Was looking forward to receiving this set of drill bits and I'm quite pleased at the variety, quantity and quality.
  • Great value. Probably the last drill bits I will ever buy.

    Frank, 7/30/2016 Just received this set a few days ago, and did not anticipate using any of it so soon. I used one of the larger hits and was very impressed the sharpness! Wow!
  • Thank God

    Michael Bronicheski, 12/21/2014 Was looking for a long time for something like this set - all my small bits in my old set are gone and needed just the small bits replaced. Came across this set and got it - very happy with it - used 3 bits already and they worked great.
  • Poor Packing

    Chris, 12/11/2013 The bits look great and will be nice to have; however, when I opened the package the bits were every where. I had to find them in the box (packing) and then sort them them into there rights places in the bit box. I would suggest a better way to prepare the bits for shipping.
  • MR

    Robert, 6/9/2013 Excellent value. I'm using them often. I recommend this set to others.
  • Nice Quality

    Chip, 1/2/2013 Straight sharp quality bits at excellent price. no need to hunt through loose bits or tolerate the dull one.
  • Drill Bits

    Jack Goodin, 12/10/2010 It seems that I always loose a small drill bit. This is an excellant product for me.
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