Musical Marble Run

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Musical Marble Run
The bouncing marbles play tunes
Made in Switzerland of exquisitely finished hardwood
16C05.02 Musical Marble Run

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The interlocking pieces can be combined in an unlimited array of mazes that will stimulate a child's imagination and development. As a marble rolls down the tracks and through the towers, it strikes precisely tuned chimes as musical notes to sound out any number of delightful melodies that the builder (the child) has actually created. Release multiple marbles and play out an intricate rhythm. Made in Switzerland of superbly finished hardwood. The shapes, surfaces and edges are finished with precision usually only seen in high-end furniture.

This 40-piece set is well designed musically and well stocked. It includes 8 tuned sound-modules, 8 tracks, 15 interconnecting tower blocks, 6 marbles, 1 base and a special piece to produce a "quaver" (which has the time-value of 1/8 of a whole note). Included is an instruction booklet to guide the creation of familiar scales and tunes until the builder decides to create his or her own. The sound modules can also be played like glockenspiel (xylophone) keys. Totally unique.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-This toy contains small parts and marbles. Not for children under 5 yrs.

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