Must-Have Pruning Kit

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Must-Have Pruning Kit
Indispensable Items for Every Gardener's Tool Box
77A04.20 Must-Have Pruning Kit

Available 04/20/2021


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For a limited time, we've packaged this fantastic combination of some of our most useful Gardening gear. The set is fully portable, thanks to the rugged Gardening Apron. This suede and duck cloth apron is comfortable and roomy, and will fit most body types. The combination of green duck and rugged suede will protect both you and your gardening gear. The front and straps are genuine leather, with solid brass hardware. The backing canvas is water repellent sturdy duck cloth. The stylish diagonal-cut design on the suede that forms the pockets, creates five progressively-taller compartments.

To help fill these pockets, we are including our popular Small Bypass Pruner. The unique design puts the cutters so close to your hand, it becomes almost an extension of your forefinger. Every gardener should have one of these.

To complete the set, we added our 155 ft. roll of Jute twine. Jute is far more soft and pliable than your typically stiff hardware store twine, and knots so easily that you'll be looking for things to tie. The Must Have Pruning Kit is a great asset as you undertake your four-season yard work.

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