Nail & Wire Cutters

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Nail & Wire Cutters
Unique design provides exceptional force in a small size
This patented German design uses unique leverage and special fulcrum action to produce exceptional force-using only 8" handles. It will cut 1/4" soft wire (like nails), 3/16" hard wire, and 1/8" piano wire with modest effort. This is simply extraordinary performance. It will cut common nails almost like butter. Any home or professional shop will be glad to have one of these available.

Made in Germany.

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  • Arthritis sufferers best friend

    Dr. John, 3/30/2016 I was a little sceptical of the claims made about these cutters. They turn out to far exceed my expectations! They do cut common nails like butter, and hard drawn wire used in fences, electric fence conductor rope, musical instrument strings and orthodontic arch wire with ease. The compound jaw action is the secret and the hardened jaws take on every thing I need to cut. The sister offset "flush" cutters also are great. I have practically stopped using my carbide jaw diagonal cutters all together. Two stellar additions to the tool box I wish I had long ago.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner March 2016 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, John!!
  • Best small bolt cutter

    Jeff the Viking, 4/16/2010 These are by far the best small bolt cutters I have ever used. They cut through just about anything and the unique leverage mechanism makes this cutting almost effortless. Another great product from Knipex. Highly recommended.
  • The Best Wire Cutters Ever!

    John Foutz, 4/16/2009 I operate both a jewelry wire business and a large farm and use these compound cutters at both places. They'll cut up to 2 Ga. AWG copper, nickel or silver wire with ease. The ladies on our sales counter who used to struggle with the big wires, even with the sharpest 9 side cutters, absolutely love them. On the farm, I wouldn't be without them as they absolutely breeze through even the toughest fence wire."
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