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Nails & Staples for JacPac Nail Gun
$ 39.95 149.95
The JacPac Nail Gun Kit is no longer being made. We have a limited number of the staples and nails available.

Most of us have either occasionally used a nail gun or seen one used on TV or on a job site. For fast, efficient construction and general repair work, they can't be beat. The pros rely on them and for good reason. But for the DIY'er, there are several impediments to adding them to your tool kit." One, they tend to be expensive; Two, they are often big and heavy; and Three, they require access to and are tethered to an air compressor, which cannot be easily moved around, and to its air hose.
Some months ago, we came across a Portable Nail Gun at a commercial show and have been looking at it carefully ever since. It's a "light to medium duty" tool, but for the occasional DIY user, it seems near perfect. The nails and construction staples are driven not by compressed air but using a CO2 pressurized cartridge that you carry with you around the job hooked to your belt.

We like this tool a lot, as it seems to solve a very real problem for most of us - including for this writer.

Please note that the carrying case shown in the image is no longer included with the kit. Scroll down for kit contents and important information.
We are sorry, this product is currently unavailable.
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