Natural Jute for Your Garden

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Clearance Natural Jute for Your Garden
Dozens of possible uses all year round
87B01.10 Jute Bag “Leaf Bags” (3)

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87B01.20 Jute Trellis Nets (3)

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87B01.30 Jute Ground Cover (2 rolls)

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87B01.40 Jute Potato Sacks (3)

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87B01.50 Jute Twine (4 rolls)

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Jute, that famous natural vegetable fiber, can be easily spun into coarse, strong threads. We've made a few up for you. None block light, air or water. As a natural material it will all eventually biodegrade.

Leaf and garden refuse collection bags. These are large, wide-mouth bags. 3 bags per order.

Trellis netting. These are a very loose burlap weave (6 x 12 ft) for draping over stakes or frames. 3 nets with each order.

Single thickness ground cover sheets (3 x 24 ft in size). Excel as general surface protection and erosion control. 2 rolls with each order.

"Potato Sacks". Basically, the iconic size (20 x 27") used to store (and move) bulk produce. Exceedingly strong and sturdy. 3 per order.

Jute twine. 4 rolls (155 ft each) per order.

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Overall Rating
  • Jute Ground Cover

    Bob Grace, 10/17/2017 Useful for many applications around the garden. Looser knit than it appeared in catalog.
  • Burning up the sale

    Jim Barbour, 6/16/2017 For my purpose the rolls are perfect. I use the burlap as fuel for my bee smoker. When I was a kid we used old potato sacks, but now they are packed in plastic-coated fiber so I have had to resort to burning new burlap. At this price I can afford it.
  • Not as pictured

    David, 6/2/2017 Some of the pictures of the leaf bag look like the 'threads' are tighter, closer together than they actually are...
  • so many uses

    Dawn, 6/7/2016 I use jute for almost everything from gardening to crafting.
  • Jute Twine - Strong and Beautiful

    Ann, 5/20/2016 Jute - A beautiful and unobtrusive gardening twine. Great for many jobs and handy to keep in the gardening bag. Can tie up plants, bundle twigs, and even use in the house to tie up presents!
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