Nautical-Style Desktop Pair

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Nautical-Style Desktop Pair
48B01.01 6" Pocket Telescope

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48B01.02 Compass/Magnifier

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48B01.03 4" Hand Magnifying Glass

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This pair of instruments would have been right at home on the desktop of old-time sailing captains, as they wrote their memoirs or plotted their next voyage. The 6" collapsing Telescope features a modest 2x power and comes in a beautiful tropical-hardwood box. The box can be used to store all manner of things if, like this writer, you would rather display the scope on your desktop to aid in dreaming of far-off places and future adventures. The classic Small Compass has a fold-out magnifying lens in its base, plus it makes an excellent paper weight. All-in-all, these small gadgets will have a positive effect on your creativity, if you let yourself benefit from a little daydreaming. We like these a lot on general healthy principles.

Note: The 4" Hand-held Magnifying Glass shown in the picture is temporarily out of stock.

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Overall Rating
  • Hard to Find, beautiful quality,functional and $ value

    linda, 4/11/2020 Hard to Find, beautiful quality,functional and $ value My Husband thought it was the best gift! I bought him 2. i don't mind having it on a desk or countertop, wonderful!! on other sites they cost a fortune and these have excellent magnification!!
  • Gift for 11 year old grandson.

    Mark, 3/7/2019 Solid and heavy, if you want it for a desk ornament, but it’s a really nice compasses that has a magnifying glass that pulls out from beneath it.
  • Outstanding Quality

    Jeff, 2/1/2019 Outstanding quality, value, and delivery. Price cannot be beat.
  • Beautiful and well made

    Karen Wheeler, 1/8/2019 I bought this for my husband. He LOVES it! It is beautiful and heavy and both of us like that it doesn't have a small area with a different magnification that always gets in your way. It is really stunning and incredibly well made.
  • Beautiful, Practical Gift - Magnifying Glass

    R Pearman, 12/17/2018 This magnifying glass is exactly what I was looking for! I purchased 2 of them, one for by boss and one for by husband. It is a beautiful piece and will be enjoyed for many years to come! Very helpful with small details of anything!
  • Nautical-Style Desktop Set...Magnifying glass

    K. Brousseau, 12/11/2018 Arrived well packaged & in excellent condition. Magnifying glass is old-world quality craftsmanship. A treasure.
  • Beautiful telescope

    Martha Noonan, 5/5/2018 I absolutely love the little telescope and the beautiful box in which it came. The craftsmanship is excellent and I love displaying it in my home.
  • Eyes to Paper

    Diane Polanis, 12/18/2017 Husband was amazed in the craftsmanship and how great it was to see small print. Very Handy. Nice size.
  • Good view for fine print.

    Brenda C Franklin, 4/11/2017 It is so nice to be able to read fine print on bottles and labels with the magnifying glass and it has a good firm wooden handle.
  • Will become a family hierloom

    Patrick Riley, 2/17/2017 The build quality, turned wood and bling in the finishes make it a welcome office and desk tool. it is solid and will last forever.
  • Buy won't regret it.

    Ross Arnold, 2/12/2017 Glad I waited. The glass was backordered so it gave me a chance to look for other magnifiers. The quality of this item is excellent and has become useful quickly.
  • Minister

    Rev. Donny Thomason, 1/31/2017 I have not found a better product. Excellent for anyone looking for such an item. I highly recommend this magnifying glass.
  • Reading "Fine Print"

    Art Enns, 11/7/2016 Well made and fits our need for reading the "fine print!'
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