“Navaja”-Style Knife

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Bestseller “Navaja”-Style Knife
traditional Spanish made pattern
56T01.02 “Navaja”-Style Knife

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One of our staff discovered these on vacation in Spain last summer. (Spain has a very rich cultural tradition of fine knife making – for hunting, agriculture and for personal use.) This long thin bladed “Navaja”-style knife blade (3” long and only ¼” wide) is an old traditional Spanish pattern rich with historic lore. It is quite exceptional.
Blade Thickness:
Blade Length:
Overall Length:
Blade Material:
Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
Olivewood & Brass

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Overall Rating
  • A Lovely Little Pleasure

    Katharine, 1/8/2020 Already owning 3 excellent pocket-knives (2 inherited), I didn't REALLY need this, but am so happy to have it. It will be a letter opener--the blade is perfect for that--and is simply a joy to hold.
  • "Navaja"-Style Knife

    Richard Hyche, 9/12/2019 I love it. Nice style and very light. I bought it as a letter opener. With a long slim blade, it's perfect for that. I can't see any other practical reason to purchase it. If you want to use it as your daily pocket knife, I would suggest looking elsewhere. Too many better options out there for that.
  • Good "souvenir"

    Brian Shriner, 12/7/2018 This is miniature of a style of Spanish blade that, quite simply, was meant to poke holes in people. It is not a cutting tool. In its original size, with a 5"+ blade, it is quite effective. This is more of a display or curiosity piece.
  • Great value

    Horace F. Greer, 2/28/2018 Service was great! It arrived in two days. The knife is exactly as described. I bought it for display but it would give satisfactory service as a small knife. I am a happy customer.
  • Nice style; limited usefulness

    Terry Norris, 5/8/2017 As is clear in the pictures in the catalog and online (and from the labeling on the box it comes in), this knife is a hand-made product from a third-world country, which means that it is charming and authentic but is of inferior workmanship. It is relatively sturdy and the materials seem adequate, but it is decidedly uneven and "unfinished," which, I suppose, gives it its old-world charm.
    The blade is reasonably sharp out of the box but could be sharper. It seems that it would take an edge rather well, but I haven't tried sharpening it yet. The lack of a thumbnail slot makes opening the blade tricky if you have the slightest bit of moisture on your hands. If the blade slips from between your fingers, it snaps shut on the fingers of the hand that is holding the handle--the handle is so slim that it is impossible to hold it securely and keep your fingers out of the way of the blade (just call me "Lefty").
    While I like the convenience of the knife (light and pocket-sized), the blade is a bit long for practical use; to use it for fine detail cutting (it's not sturdy enough for heavy-duty work) would require holding it by the blade, which would not be the safest thing to do. The lack of a locking mechanism is also a safety issue.
    Overall, the style is nice and I am happy to add the knife to my collection, but I won't be using it on a daily basis.
  • Spanish steel

    Dave, 4/24/2017 very thin, very sharp. solid for such a small knife. If it had a locking system it would be perfect.

    ED PLONKA, 4/18/2017 Good craftsmanship and design. Very practical to cut fruit in the orchard or do small jobs in the garden.
  • Elegant Small Knife

    Randy, 4/2/2017 Beautifully made, Elegant small knife. The handle is in oiled but over time with your natural body oils it will become personalized. Very easy to carry.
  • Meh

    Christopher, 4/1/2017 The knife is not terribly sharp and the blade does not lock, so be careful or you'll lose a finger or two. But it is very pretty and worth the price.
  • Pretty but lacking in workmanship.

    Linda, 3/26/2017 Very pretty little knife but does not compare to the similarly shaped French ones. I bought this for myself and a key knife for my husband. He got the better knife. One thing it really needs is a thumbnail indentation. I'll stick with the Laguiole ones. They cost more but in this case you get what you pay for.
  • Handsome little steak knife

    Bill Sampson, 11/22/2016 I purchased your long blade folding knife, and, like the long blade, this pretty, little knife is of much greater quality than the price would indicate. I always carry at least two small "pocket" knives and the Navaja has quickly become my favorite. It also impressed folks when at the local steakhouse I pulled it out to easily and efficiently cut my ribeye!
  • Navaja Knife from Spain

    Edith Ogella, 10/16/2016 This is one of the most unusual knives I have seen in a long time. Quite delicate and attractive. Do wish they had put some oil on the handle, but that was not difficult for me to do. I was happy to add it to my collection.
  • My new Mushroom Hunting Knife!

    Mary Ofjord, 9/6/2016 Very good knife - but I thought it would be slightly longer. This is to be my "mushroom hunting' knife and it is light and easy to use and has a beautiful shape.
  • Excellent knife of very high quality.

    Rick Lezu, 8/19/2016 I have given these as gifts and everyone thinks they are terrific. High quality product and well made. I am keeping two for myself.
  • Handy little knife

    Mike, 7/11/2016 Great little knife! My sister brought one from a visit to Spain for me and it was lost years ago. I was excited to see it in the catalog! It fits neatly in the hand and unnoticed in the pocket. Great quality and very handy little blade.
  • Nice Knife

    Robert, 5/15/2016 Good quality in such a tiny knife, long bade is solid when opened, does not wobble ,could use a nail groove as blade is very thin and hard to grasp sometimes. Purchased two as gift letter openers, one came with a rolled over edge, not worth exchanging
  • Najava style knife

    Bill Parrish, 5/14/2016 I rather liked it. As advertised, it was a Spanish style knife. From the Photo, I thought that it would be a bit larger, but I guess that is why you include the dimensions? Nicht war?
  • Nice knife

    Peter Kadrich, 5/14/2016 Very well made. Nice and sleek in your hand.
  • You could use one of these

    Rick Lezu, 5/14/2016 One very excellent knife.
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