Neck Loop Magnifying Disc

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Neck Loop Magnifying Disc
Hangs handily around your neck on a leather lanyard
A loupe in a leather loop
54A01.06 Neck Loop Magnifying Disc

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When close work becomes a bit of a struggle (happens naturally with age – as some of us have discovered), a handy magnifier is the go-to helper. When we discovered this hand made, handsome leather framed 6X, 1½" diameter double-convex glass magnifier, it found a near permanent place hanging on this writer’s neck. It’s easy to use, instantly available and surprisingly great fun to use. Highly recommended if you’ve gotten to that “reading glasses” stage of life.

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Overall Rating
  • Neck magnifier

    N ohlson, 9/10/2020 I do a lot of wood carving. In looking at detail, eyes, noses hands. I really need to be able to see these . This neck magnifier allows me to keep it around my neck and have it readily available whenever I need it.
    Very well made, with Great Magnification!
  • Mr

    Johnny M Cox, 6/12/2020 I bought this item for my wife, who is a Respiratory Therapist. She is very pleased, it has been a big help reading Drs. orders, etc. Really helps to bring things in view. Very fine quality and very pleased with my purchase, excellent gift.
  • A perfect little Magnifying Glass

    Robert, 6/6/2020 I was in the market for a small inexpensive magnifying lens to use around the house, and at work. I didn't want anything big, just something I could use to look at small details, mainly small writing like serial numbers and the like. This was perfect. I can carry it around easily, only need one hand to use, and it is light enough that sometimes I forget I am wearing it. I would not recommend this for anything like reading a book or newspaper as the Field of View is limited and doing so may become tedious, but for my purposes it is perfect
  • Mom's window on the world

    Jack, 5/18/2020 Purchased this for my elderly mother. She's in failing health, unwilling or unable to keep track of her reading glasses, and immobilized by recent injuries. This is button-on for her needs: lightweight, ready to hand, and hard to lose track of.
  • Loved It

    Ray Perkins, 2/10/2019 My husband absolutely loved this! He is a gold prospector and likes to have something to look at his finds a little closer. His loop has metal on it so it can be picked up by his metal detector at times. This allows him to wear it and have it ready at all times and it doesn't interfere with the metal detector. It's very well made and exactly what he was hoping it would be.
  • Personal Magnifiying Loupe

    Kim D., 1/28/2019 Normally I wouldn't write a review, But, this is the magnifier that I have been looking for...for what seems like forever. I don't like the way most other loupes flip and flop around on your chest whenever you move. But I liked the simplicity of this one. It didn't look like it'd flop around with every little move. And then I thought with Valentines Day coming up I figured I'd order one for my husband who does a lot of referencing, and sometimes lays his glasses down. I got them last week. I enjoyed mine so much I went ahead and gave the other. He enjoys his as much as I do mine. I think the difference is the leather bail that keeps it from jumping around. It almost feels a bit like a long lost friend. Thank you for the quality.
  • Leather mag.

    wayne zwickey, 1/26/2019 wonderful product, great for many things, the leather trim is great.
  • Life Enhancing

    MC, 11/13/2018 My husband has lost one eye completely (surgical error) and his remaining “good eye” has an ongoing progressive disease causing much strain to read basic sized print. This magnifier unit is well made and the leather strap/attachment is constructed for a rugged outdoorsman. He is better able to remain independent with use of this magnifier. Thank you!
  • Good quality, but poor concept.

    John Willoughby, 10/20/2018 Although this has all the quality we have come to expect from GW, it misses in concept. If worn daily, the good optics are generally dirty when needed. The size is such that for any serious reading, it is simply too small.
  • Great aid for person with low vision

    Mike Elledge, 4/27/2018 This magnifier is fantastic. My wife uses it in her purse. Thanks to this magnifier she can read the menu at restaurants and look up ingredients on packages when shopping in the store.
  • Neck Loop Magnifying Disk

    Loren Scott, 12/16/2017 I bought several of these for stocking-stuffers. They're handy for reading small print on store bought medications; just hang it around your neck! I use one in my shop to get a close look at the tiny details on things I make. The other use is starting fires on sunny days when you're camping with the family. Like all Garrett Wade products, it's well-made and should last a life-time.

  • Loop magnifying glass

    Barbara, 12/16/2017 Well made. Perfect size and extremely useful
  • Neck Loop Magnifying Glass

    Bill, 12/15/2017 I purchased several for Christmas gifts for my coworkers. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and the overall look which was as described. OK... I want one now too.
  • did not like to thick to see out of sent back for credit

    Jack Gibson, 12/3/2017 Too thick to see out of sent back
  • Great

    Keith, 6/10/2017 Great tool have purchased before
  • Meh

    Charlie, 4/24/2017 Small, almost too small to be useful
  • Neck loop magnifier

    Marcia, 12/16/2016 As time passes it appears that the print on virtually everything has gotten smaller. Having a fancy magnifying glass on the desk or in a drawer does not help a great deal when at the store trying to decide what dosage, composition or uses are for items. It is great not having to find the "one" in my purse to get details.
  • Great

    Adam, 3/4/2016 Sweet glass! Gets a firs going quick.
  • Gittin Old

    Bloody Davy Fling, 10/8/2015 Helpful item for this old guy (72) doing the evening crossword.
  • Great Glass

    Ned, 9/28/2015 Nice glass. Works well for magnifying or fire starting.
  • Extra Eyes

    John, 8/9/2015 A great loupe, I'm a technician and hobbyist. For work I keep this glass around my neck and inside my shirt. Anytime my eyes fail me this is the tool I reach for. Great product highly recommended. Thanks>>>JWM.
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