Never Fail Watering Kit

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Never Fail Watering Kit
14T01.20 Never Fail Watering Kit

Available 10/29/2020


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We’re covering your watering needs with room to grow. The set consists of our once in or a lifetime 75 ft. long ½" Stainless Steel Garden Hose. It is kink proof, puncture-proof, tear and crack proof, animal-proof, and corrosion and rustproof. Attach the hose to your faucet with our solid brass two-way faucet manifold, plus you have space to add a 2nd hose. The included nozzle is our popular hard-rubber coated Heavy-Duty Hose Nozzles in green. It's durable when you drop it and won’t damage your patio or deck. To use simply twist the head 1½ revolutions to produce a range from total cutoff, to wide cone/spray, to high-velocity water jet. To make the set complete, we include all four pieces of our Solid Brass Quick-Change Garden Hose Fittings. They allow the entire “system” to be quick change and auto shut off.

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