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New Zealand Peasant Knife
We've discovered a knife maker in New Zealand that, using centuries-old German techniques in heat treating and grinding high-carbon steel, is producing simple knives (he calls them "Peasant Knives") that we think reach 80-90 of the utility of the better Japanese knives at a fraction of the cost.

There is absolutely nothing elegant about these as the handles are simple (essentially indestructible) plastic, but they are a cinch to open one-handed - even wearing gloves in the dead of winter. They have wide sharp blades (3" long & 1" wide) that will cut, and cut, and cut some more. And because of the high carbon steel used (the hardness is Rc57) edge retention is better by far than any stainless steel blade. Keep in your pocket or wear it in the convenient leather pouch attached to your belt. A great value.
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