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Clearance New Zealand Peasant Knife
Will do just what a knife is supposed to do - cut all day
A Personal Cutting Tool That's As Simple As They Come
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We've discovered a knife maker in New Zealand that, using centuries-old German techniques in heat treating and grinding high-carbon steel, is producing simple knives (he calls them "Peasant Knives") that we think reach 80-90 of the utility of the better Japanese knives at a fraction of the cost.

There is absolutely nothing elegant about these as the handles are simple (essentially indestructible) plastic, but they are a cinch to open one-handed - even wearing gloves in the dead of winter. They have wide sharp blades (3" long & 1" wide) that will cut, and cut, and cut some more. And because of the high carbon steel used (the hardness is Rc57) edge retention is better by far than any stainless steel blade. Keep in your pocket or wear it in the convenient leather pouch attached to your belt. A great value.
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  • High-End Cutting Tool for Little Expense

    Ryan Bonney, 9/12/2017 I can report ZERO complaints regarding my New Zealand Peasant Knife! For a surprisingly low price I acquired this cutting tool that has worked wonders around my workshop, woods and household. Yes, it is an archaic design for a folding knife, but it is expertly crafted,combining old-world quality and style with 21st Century technology and materials. You really cannot beat the edge-retention and sharpness that is achieved with this tool and its finely-ground carbon steel blade. The blade is left partially "in the black" from the forging process which adds character to the piece that one usually only sees on custom-built pieces. It has made short work of saplings and small, low-hanging limbs on the trees and shrubs in my yard and after that it chopped vegetables in my kitchen with precision and the ease of a well-honed blade. Following that, I successfully stripped the plastic coating from some narrow-gauge copper wire, enabling me to repair the porch light outside my front door with no damage to the blade. For the money I paid I got a fantastic all-around knife for general purpose daily use. Another nice detail of this knife's design is that the retention screw that serves as the joint for the folding blade is adjustable to increase or decrease the tension on this folder's blade, enabling the owner to customize the ease of opening and closing this folder. I recommend buying the sheath with the knife, as it is simple, but handsome and makes carrying a tool of this design somewhat easier. Thanks, Garrett Wade, for an opportunity to own this piece at a reasonable price. I suspect that these blades will be increasing in cost to the consumer at some point as word spreads about the quality this manufacturer produces around the world's cutlery collectors and enthusiasts. It's just such a unique style of knife and it works great!
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner September 2017 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Ryan!!
  • Catalog photo

    H. Figueroa, 8/1/2017 The photo of the knife's tang extension needs to be clearer. It wasn't until I received it that I realized what that extension in the catalog photo actually was. I was somewhat disappointed because the tang extension makes the knife cumbersome to use and carry. Also, the finish on mine was not nearly as even as the one in the catalog photo. I give it a three because the blade is high carbon steel, which most knife collectors know is preferred because of its properties.
  • Simple, sturdy, reliable

    Judson Roberts, 4/9/2017 My wife and I moved to a small homestead farm in western Oregon five years ago. A good knife is a basic tool with many uses on a farm, so I'd been looking for a while for a good knife for her. This one proved perfect. It doesn't have any locking mechanism for her to have to deal with, but when open, your hand gripping the handle also holds the long tang securely in place, which is as effective and safe as a locking blade. The blade comes very sharp, and the thin blade geometry and carbon steel make it very easy to resharpen when necessary. An excellent tool that does exactly what you need it to without any frills and for a very reasonable price.
  • The reason for the tang

    Chris , 2/6/2017 The reason that there is a tang on this blade is because its a friction folder- there is no spring or other device to lock the blade open when it is in use.i would be inclined to buy one but I have far too many knives as it is.
  • look at the picture very closely!

    loria, 1/22/2017 Somehow I missed the fact that the tang extended out beyond the yellow part. Maybe I didn't understand what a "peasant knife" is. I wanted a really tough pocket knife, and this was not what I got. Bummer!
  • Peasant

    Jack Lytle , 1/3/2017 I am very happy with the NZ Peasant Knife. It holds it's edge & works as advertized.
  • The perfect knife

    Kelci Carter, 9/27/2016 I purchased this knife for my husband. He's a big believer in crkt knifes but I wanted something different for him, something he could use and not worry about breaking it or keeping it clean. I'm not a big fan of flashy pocket knifes so this one was right up my ally!! When the knife came in it was even better than I had envisioned!! This thing is light weight and a perfect fit to the hand and just plain useful. It's all he talks about!!! And the biggest kicker was that it didn't break the bank! Good thing I bought two!! Because I love mine too!! I even traded it in for my Leatherman on my recent backpacking trip! Great product!
  • Canary that Sings

    Stephen DeGiulio, 9/2/2016 This is a sturdy tool that asks to be tossed into a tool box, glove compartment, workbench, etc. It won't get lost (the yellow one) and will be ready for all kinds of work. Feels good in the hand and looks like the tension can be adjusted (it's fine new, so I won't mess with it till, and if, needed). Seems like nice steel, takes a honing, and the convex edge should make it good for rough work (it might need a bit of oil to keep the rust away). Not a pocket knife, but pocketable!
  • Well built small cutting tool!

    L. Wayne, 8/20/2016 I bought the 3" peasant knife and found that it's a nice solid piece of equipment. It's already found a permanent home in my day pack and I may buy it a little friend!
    The 2 1/2" with the Orange Zytel handle looks good and would work well!
  • Basic But Good

    Glenn, 5/19/2015 This may become my preferred knife for yardwork and outdoor use. Simple, easy, not too pretty to use and has a really fine edge.
  • Peasant Knife

    Andrew, 11/18/2014 Nice knife, priced right for a Common Man. Comes very sharp. Holds great edge. Plastic handle allows to open in wet, damp environment. Easy one hand operation. I got yellow handle so it won't get lost in the bush. And if it gets lost for some reason - it won't break my heart!
  • Svord Peasant Knife

    Jarod Hillyard, 9/3/2014 You'd be hard pressed to find a better value in knives than this. It harkens back to a day when your knife was more than a tool, it was your companion. Being forged out of high carbon steel is an amazing attribute, as well. Svord Peasant Knives are the ultimate because they have edge retention, form a beautiful patina through use, and are easily sharpened, this is one of Garrett Wade's many great items and it will stand the test of time. Take it from me, I'm a knife maker and know quality when I see it, feel it, and cut with it. This knife will make a great splash among friends, family, and colleagues. Thanks for offering such a quality product Garrett Wade. I had already bought one through a more expensive source, but if I lose mine (virtually the only way to get rid of this beautiful piece of cutlery), I'll purchase from you since you have some of the best prices and service around.
  • Simple, Tough & Inexpensive

    Don Nelson, 3/14/2014 I'm really glad I bought this knife. I think it's a real bargain, too. For twenty bucks, you can't go wrong. I can say that it is a simple, well-made, very sharp knife and it's holding its edge very well. I find I can open it with one hand quite well, too, and It fits in my jeans pocket nicely, making it a useful, solid, quality tool that will last pretty much forever. Recommended for sure!
  • Sturdy and Simple

    James Raymond, 9/17/2013 A simple design where your normal grip on the handle provides the resistance to closing. This method works well in most cutting situations. Trying to pierce with the point is a little tricky but doable. For regular cutting it excels. I use it woodworking for everything from scribing to final shaping and the blade holds it's edge well. Usually, all I have to do is touch up the edge, usually with just a leather strop. I did reshape the edge bevel to a shallower angle on an extra fine diamond stone, but that was my preference and not necessary. Overall an excellent knife at a very reasonable price.
  • Wonderful!

    Nate, 8/21/2013 I would highly recommend this knife to anyone. I work in a very tough environment and this knife has stuck by my side and has helped avert several large disasters. It has proven its worth time and time again. I bought the one with yellow scales because of its visibility and it has become affectionately known as the banana pepper". I admit it was a little awkward at first to get used to and it did feel a little plasticy. That being said its simplicity is key and will hold a very nice edge for a long time, I have only needed to sharpen it once in over a year of abuse. Also is is extremely easy to use with thick gloves on. It can be opened with one hand fairly easy, once you find a technique. To open mine I just hold the scales and push the tang against my leg and it pops right open. It is a handy multi-tasker anything from prying open paint cans to chopping through 2 inch lock lines, really big ropes, this knife has never once failed me. "
  • Yellow Knife

    Bill Podfigurny, 7/17/2013 Seems well made and the high carbon steel blade should hold an edge.
  • Buy One Now.

    J.James C., 3/7/2013 I purchased this knife based on the the materials, workmanship and design described. I have had it for about 2 weeks now and I can say I am very satisfied. For the price, it is a no-brainer. The steel seems to be very good quality, well forged and tempered high carbon steel - not stamped. The kind of material good knives should be made out of. The design takes a bit of practice to open one handed, but once you get the hang of it, its very cool. The blade does not lock back, however having a good grip on it makes it near impossible to close accidentally. I tend to lean towards tried and true designs and materials so the odd, but traditional mechanism is a plus for me. I chose the yellow plastic handle so I could find it easily in a dark bag or on the ground in the woods. It does feel a bit...plasticy, but seems like it would last a good while. The extended lever on the blade itself can act as a handle if need be and it would be simple to make your own handle for it if you're into that kind of thing. I also purchased the sheath, which does not appear to be made specifically for this knife - I may be wrong though, but works just fine. I tied a short length of cord to the hole on the end of the lever and attached it to my belt, like a Riggers Knife. This works great for assisting opening and closing and if I am using it a lot, but need both hands, I like to close it and let it hang from my belt rather than taking it in and out of the sheath. Pretty cool knife.
  • Untested but impressed none the less.

    J.J. Caruso, 2/26/2013
  • Good Steel

    Mort, 1/2/2013 The knife is made of good steel and game to a good edge, It is also holding up to wood carving. Strong.
  • Excellent blade for price

    Bernhard, 2/17/2012 Of the several folding knives that I own, this is my favorite. The steel in the blade takes and holds an very keen edge. The simplicity of construction makes it suitable for work from fine carving to rugged construction site use.
  • Simplicity

    Dave, 2/3/2012 As a knife collector owning several hundred folders, I carry this one exclusively. Opens and closes one handed (even with gloves on) and high carbon steel easily takes and holds a sharp edge. No springs to break. It doesn't get any simpler than this. Great tool at great price. I wish Garrett Wade would add the (same knife) offered with a wooden handle to their catalog. This is a super buy in high quality cutlery!
  • wierd knife

    George Richards, 6/18/2011 Haven't used it yet. Looks sturdy. Will the tang hurt my hand with hard use ? and will the brass arrest hold up with hard use ? Should be a useful knife-tool.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    This is a working man's field knife. The extended tang is designed to assist with one-hand opening. With one hand occupied, this can be a difficult if not  impossible task with most knives, but with the Peasant Knife simply strike the tang against a surface or even your thigh to make the blade pivot into position.

    When the blade is opened, the curved end of the tang protrudes slightly above the handle scales. Testing several basic grips with my “average” size hand, the tang never interfered with or bothered me. The curved end rests in the fleshy center of my palm with most grips, and aligns with the thumb on others. The brass pins do not affect my grip at all.
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