Nickel-Plated Compass

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New Nickel-Plated Compass
a desk ornament to help calibrate your life
48B01.08 Nickel-Plated Compass

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Whether you’re a ship’s captain, a captain of industry, or the captain of your living-room sofa, you can always find your true north with this gorgeous magnified nickel-plated compass. Mounted atop the eye-catching nickel-plated base is a brilliant glass dome rimmed with a magnification band, making the cardinal and ordinal directions below a cinch to read from any angle. The dome also pulls in plenty of ambient light, ensuring even easier readability—and it makes the stunning turquoise compass rose pop that much more. This is attractive as desk ornaments get. At 2½" in diameter and 1 1/8" tall it’s perfectly palm-sized.

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