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See in complete darkness
78D02.02 Night Vision Monocular

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You've seen these work on TV or at the movies. It's black as pitch but if you've got one of these, you can see what is going on.

Whether you are playing games with your kids in the back yard or camping or just moving around in the dark and don't want to use a flashlight, this Monocular with its infra-red illumination (invisible to human or animal eyes) lets you really know what is going on around you. No one else can. This'll make anyone an exceptional and exciting gift. Lightweight. Easy one-hand operation. It's certainly not cheap (you wouldn't expect it to be), but it works great and is o-so-much fun to use.

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  • Night Vision

    Louis Dodds, 5/9/2014 This is nice but wish it had a wrist band or some kind of handle, the night vision part is good, easy to use. It does take a expensive battery.
  • Night Vision Monocular

    William Gasaway, 3/30/2011 Once you get used to the controls, this is a great tool for seeing in the dark. I only rated it 4-stars because the advertising was a bit misleading. The IR illuminator is NOT invisible to human eyes, everyone I have shown it to (including me) can see the red glow from at least 100 yards away. I don't know about animals, but I hunt in Germany and a major difference here than at home in America is that most big game hunting, deer, moose and boar is done from elevated stands at night. While you are not allowed to use night scopes or lasers mounted on your weapon, you can use handhelds to search for the game. Once located, the scoped rifle can be brought into play. My monocular is wonderful for this although I use it without the IR illuminator because of the above issue and I recommend it for this use. The IR illuminator would increase the range, but in my experience it is much better than looking into the night with the unaided night.
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