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Nogent-Style Chef's Knife
$ 45.5
On a recent buying trip, we found this traditional Nogent-Style Chef's Knife among a large trove of forgotten cutlery in a warehouse in Thiers, France. The Nogent style is the pinacle of French Chef's knife design. These beautiful and sophisticated vintage knives have 9-1/2" carbon steel blades and through-tangs. The handle is a solid piece of stained Beech wood that surrounds the rat-tail tang (so called because of its long, thin cylindrical shape) running the length of the handle, then secured with a washer and peened off at the base. With a steel ferrule collar at the bolster, it's light and nimble, just as you want a chef knife. This is a classic premium French kitchen tool that any cook would be proud to have. 15" overall length. Quantities are very limited, when these are gone, they are gone forever. Do not machine wash. Hand wash only and wipe dry immediately.
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