One-of-a-Kind Pin Tumblers Vintage Locks

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One-of-a-Kind Pin Tumblers Vintage Locks
Over 70+ years old, Fully Functional – Limited Quantities
58E02.04 One-of-a-Kind Pin Tumblers Vintage Locks

Available 01/31/2020


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It’s amazing the things you come across when you scour old New England flea markets and auctions. On a recent foraging trip to some old haunts, we found a very limited quantity of Vintage Pin Tumbler Locks. Most are from the early 20th Century. All are fully functional padlocks from venerable old companies. Like Yale, Sargent, Corbin, Miller-Champion, Excelsior, Eclipse, Slaymaker, Titan, and others. All with their original (or working) keys.

Pin Tumblers: Is a system used in today’s cylinder locks, common on door locks. It employs a set of various -length pins that needs the exact key to align them to the same height within the mechanism.
Note: Because of the limited quantities and the history when you order, what brand you receive will be a surprise. While you can’t pick the exact lock, it will be authentic, and we promise one of a kind.

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