One-of-a-Kind Pin Tumblers Vintage Locks

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One-of-a-Kind Pin Tumblers Vintage Locks
Over 70+ years old, Fully Functional – Limited Quantities
58E02.04 One-of-a-Kind Pin Tumblers Vintage Locks

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It’s amazing the things you come across when you scour old New England flea markets and auctions. On a recent foraging trip to some old haunts, we found a very limited quantity of Vintage Pin Tumbler Locks. Most are from the early 20th Century. All are fully functional padlocks from venerable old companies. All with their original (or working) keys.

Pin Tumblers: Is a system used in today’s cylinder locks, common on door locks. It employs a set of various -length pins that needs the exact key to align them to the same height within the mechanism.

Note: Because of the limited quantities and the history when you order, what brand you receive will be a surprise. While you can’t pick the exact lock, it will be authentic, and we promise one of a kind.

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