Hardwood Table Loom

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New Hardwood Table Loom
42A01.03 Hardwood Table Loom

Available 12/07/2020


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This 17.5" x 10" hardwood Table Loom comes threaded with a bright and cheerful rainbow palette that really takes the intimidation out of stringing it yourself if you’re new to weaving. Not sure what you want to make? The detailed, illustrated instruction booklet provides plenty of patterns for ponchos, placemats, scarves, a hooded jacket, and much more, using just what’s provided in the kit. The Loom also comes with a warp of 100% Pure Virgin Wool over 2½ yards long and 6” wide. Simply lift the heddle (the central part of the loom) up or down to weave your shuttle of weft yarns across them, and in no time the threads will entwine to create a gorgeous tartan. There is truly nothing like showing off—or even just using—something you’ve made yourself.

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