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The Original Irresistible Toy
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Who can resist that wiggly spring bouncing from hand to hand? Or high-stepping down stairs? Or that "slinkity" sound? Forgetaboutit! Kids of all ages are simply suckers for the simple joy of this simplest of toys.

Made by the same folks in the same way since 1945, a single helical steel spring 2-5/8" in diameter. For ages 5 and up. Great conversation piece for your desk.

Made in the USA.

Ages 5+

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Overall Rating
  • Slinky Slanky

    B, 3/11/2019 old school cool
    original box design
  • A Bust

    Eleanor Sutter, 1/3/2019 Very disappointed that this slinky is not the right size to be able to "walk" down the stairs like the slinkys I remember so fondly from my childhood. I sent it to my 4-year-old grandsons to give them a treat, and it was a bust.
  • slinky

    Caroline, 1/2/2019 It was a treat for me to turn a five year old onto the slinky. I loved mine when I was a kid and it is not electronic, thank God!
  • An old favorite

    Marilyn Gulickson, 12/28/2018 I was so excited to see this advertised in this catalog and I bought it for my grand-niece. After ordering and before arrival, however, I learned that she already had a Slinky and I was so disappointed. However, as it turned out, it had been lost (PLUS it had been plastic!) and so this one was well-received.
  • A Nostalgic Time Piece

    Kathy, 12/27/2018 I love the Original Slinky! I bought this toy because of the happy memories it brought back to me as a child and the fun I had sharing it with siblings. It is an excellent toy for the young and young at heart. This was my first purchase with Garrett Wade and will not be my last. The free gift was an added bonus!
  • An American Classic

    Mary Sue Wysocki, 12/17/2018 A true American classic! This toy is wonderful, sturdy and always a classic. One of the original fidget toys.
  • Slinky prevention

    Michael Fesler, 12/5/2018 I purchased this to cover our bird feeder pole to squirrel proof it. Thus far it has worked to perfection.
  • Slinky

    Robert Whiteman, 12/1/2017 The slinky reminds me of my childhood. They were a popular toy at that time.
  • Works on carpet

    Mary , 2/4/2017 Works great. It does work on carpet. One review said carpet takes out the bounce but it works great on my hard wood and carpet.
  • Slinky

    Roy, 12/27/2016 Well made classic. Marked as collector's edition on the box. That's always cool.
  • classic toy

    Joe Morris, 12/27/2016 This is the all steel original. The plastic copies don't work as well and inevitably break. Toddlers and kids up to 10 or so love to watch it work, however, be warned that it does not work on carpeted stairs. Carpet interfers with the Slinky's storage and expending energy as it walks down a set of stairs. Every kid has to have one of thes.
  • Slinky

    Robert, 1/22/2015 Nostalgic toy. Brings me back to my childhood.
  • A Little Short

    Tom, 2/25/2013 Nicely made but, not big enough to slink down my stairs
  • Slinky

    Roger Rowcliffe, 4/30/2012 This brings back memory's of childhood. I got one in 1958 and played with it until I broke it in 1968. I had been looking for one for quite a while. thank you for bringing it back.
  • childhood remembered

    Paul Bona, 12/19/2010 for my desk at work - just showing my age - 12?
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