Oscillating Sprinkler

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Oscillating Sprinkler
The first sprinkler we could describe as "Cool"
76C01.09 Compact-20 Oscillating Sprinkler

Available 04/09/2019


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The heavy-duty Versatile-18 provides uniform coverage for wide lawns and landscaping as well as more restricted areas such as parkways, walks and side-yards with an all-aluminum spray bar with 18 all-brass (for greater longevity) spray nozzles. Delivering high performance at water pressures as low as 14 psi and as high as 72 psi, this is the one to choose if you want to get the highest flow rate at a wide range of pressures.

The Compact-20 provides greater directional control with 8 end nozzles (4 on each end) that can be turned off for even more narrow coverage. Ensures coverage at water pressures as low as 14 psi and as high as 58 psi with an 8" ABS spray bar with 20 spray nozzles. If you want the most control over spray area and hence the least amount of wasted water, this is the sprinkler for you.

Spray bars are fully removable for easy cleaning. With special Nozzle Cleaning Awls and Quick-Connect Hose Connections. See Water Pressure, Coverage and Consumption table below. Highly recommended. Italy.
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If the "Rat Pack" had a garden, these would be their sprinklers. Super-sleek, 60's-ish Italian design - balanced, grounded, aerodynamic. Sophisticated 21st century engineering - self-lubricating, non-wearing acetal resin gears and hydraulic motor, with large diameter turbines offering high performance even at low water pressure. 22nd century environmental sensibility - more watering options and greater control with 5 easily adjustable pre-set watering patterns to ensure that you water only where needed, reducing waste and saving money. Cool.
Coverage (Compact-20)
15 psi
1080 sq ft
34 x 32 area (ft)
2.8 gal/min
30 psi
2310 sq ft
52 x 44 area (ft)
4.1 gal/min
44 psi
3280 sq ft
62 x 52 area (ft)
5.0 gal/min
58 psi
3450 sq ft
64 x 54 area (ft)
5.5 gal/min
72 psi
Coverage (Versatile-18)
15 psi
1100 sq ft
38 x 28 area (ft)
3.4 gal/min
30 psi
2250 sq ft
52 x 42 area (ft)
4.8 gal/min
44 psi
2690 sq ft
56 x 46 area (ft)
5.8 gal/min
58 psi
3010 sq ft
60 x 50 area (ft)
7.2 gal/min
72 psi
3450 sq ft
62 x 54 area (ft)
8.4 gal/min

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Overall Rating
  • Great sprinkler

    Greg DeLaurier, 6/14/2016 Functions well with excellent connection. Even water distribution.
  • Versatile Sprinkler

    Connie Wade, 8/5/2015 Opening up the side nozzles takes a little coordination, but makes the sprinkler adaptable. Like the quick connect feature also.
  • Just Right

    Fran, 7/8/2014 Why didn't I just buy this several years ago. It works just as advertised - perfect for our perennial shade garden behind the house. I like the fact that I can clean the nozzles. Great little machine.
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