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Outdoor Weather Station
$ 219.5000
This is a classic grouping for exceptionally accurate outdoor weather and climate monitoring, consisting of a Thermometer, Barometer and Hair Hygrometer--with real human hair--for measuring humidity in the environment. The three large circular displays feature Stainless Steel bezels, mineral glass casing, and elegant, easy-to-read indicator needles.

The German maker has been producing precision weather instruments (and only precision weather instruments) for over 70 years--much of their output is for the scientific community, but we are fortunate to be able to offer this, which is suitable for ‘civilian’ use. The whole assembly is housed in a galvanized weather-resistant metal case, although we recommend hanging it out of direct wind, precipitation and sun’s glare, in order to be certain of more accurate general environmental readings.

This is an item you can hang anywhere in view, and take full confidence in the accuracy of its reporting on both present and future conditions. Available only in very limited quantities, so don’t delay.

Dimensions: 12” H x 9-¾” W x 2-¾” Deep
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