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Winter Sale Outside Window-Mounted Thermometer
45A02.01 4-3/4 in Outside Window-Mounted Thermometer

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Made with German technology - yet surprisingly affordable. These very good looking 4-3/4" indicators represents a new standard for good appliance design. They attach securely to the outside of the pane with three sticky pads, 3/8" from the surface of the pane. The long indicator wand simply points to the temperature, read in °F. No more squinting at a red vertical liquid indicator.

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Overall Rating
  • Attractive but impractical

    A. Maykut, 12/5/2018 While the design appears clever, it is totally impractical. During the day it is difficult to read because the transparency causes the background to interfere with reading it. At night it is impossible to read at all, even with a flashlight.
  • Awesome looking and accurate

    Dennis Littlefield, 8/31/2018 I placed it in a north facing window near my old LLBean mercury thermometer and both readings are the same. I am convinced this is high quality German technology.
  • practical, easy to read, handsome

    Percival, 7/28/2018 Excellent, unobtrusive, reliable, been in place on window through cold winters and hot summer.
  • Good when it holds; bad when it doesn’t.

    William Griesar, 7/15/2018 As with any product that attaches to a window by suction cups, it works quite poorly. However, after it fell off (took about an hour) I reattached it with Superglue and it has been holding for the last several days. If it holds, it’s great; if it falls, throw it away.
  • Nice to be able to see the view through the thermometer.

    Ellen, 4/28/2018 Good size, darker/larger numbers would be nice. Interestingly the scale starts at -5 degrees so the 10 degree increments are 5,15,25,35 etc which takes some getting used to. The interference such as 20, 30 are just a line...no number.
  • Awesome

    Toni Behl, 4/27/2018 I broke one and found the replacement on sale.
  • Nice Item

    Albert Kruger, 4/26/2018 Nicely made and accurate item with great instructions.
  • Fashionable fahrenheit

    Harry Wicks, 12/5/2017 Finally, an outside thermometer that is good looking, accurate and fits right in visually.
  • MY order

    Phil MOERSCHELL, 12/5/2017 excellent and quality units
  • Love the look.

    John Sulsenti, 2/13/2017 Stylish, easy to read, doesn't block the view. However don't mount it on a window you open. I broke the mount pads opening the window.
  • Outside thermometer

    Henry Vaughan , 12/27/2016 Exactly what I wanted. Bigger numbers would be great
  • Great gift!

    Beth Altobellis, 12/26/2016 I ordered this as a Christmas present for my husband. We all loved it!!
  • 4 3/4" window thermometer

    J wise, 12/20/2016 Thermometer is very sleek and attaches to window very easily. It is very clear and easy to read as well. Very accurate temperature readings as well. Great value and quality.
  • Window thermometer

    Carl Anderson, 12/5/2016 Yes, I can get the temperature on my cell phone, but I like getting the actual temperature just looking out my window at my house.
  • Nice Thermometer

    Paul from Latham, 10/30/2016 The thermometer is very well made. The construction is robust. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at. It is very accurate. I am very pleased with it. My only complaint is the gradations are a little confusing and hard to get used to.
  • Good thermometer

    James Bartlett, 5/10/2016 Stuck to window just fine - so far! Screens are on the inside to the small lines seem to disappear. Just have to move your head a little but can easily guess the exact degree by position of indicator.
  • Great Unit, But Position Correctly on First Sticking

    TP, 5/9/2016 Great unit, but after sticking it the first time the adhesive doesn't work so well. So just make sure to position it correctly the first time.
  • Elegant little device

    Ron Galen, 3/20/2016 This is a nicely designed, simple but effective outdoor thermometer. We've tried those cheap plastic window-cling devices that are inaccurate and unattractive, and this one shows off its German design and efficiency. It just works.
  • great concept but unacceptable technology from the Germans, no less!!!!!

    Layne , 2/17/2016 Thermometer fell off the window within 20 days of attaching. Cleaned window several times before mounting instrument.
  • Outdoor thermometer

    gail williams, 12/27/2015 Mine did not stick to the window either. It did not make it even 1 day. It is easy to read but you will have to find another way to keep it mounted on your window. I would not buy this product again or recommend it to anyone.
  • Ugly - Mounting Problems

    Jim B, 9/3/2015 Attachment to window is not possible. I cleaned the window thoroughly and was careful to prevent dust/dirt from the pads before attempting to mount the thermometer and still it fell off the window after one night (temperature max 90 F min 70 F) Silicone glue holds to window but not to the silicone pads on the thermometer. DO NOT BUY!
  • This is Great!

    Mark T., 6/27/2015 This thermometer is great and I've tried a bunch of different ones. I don't understand when some reviewers said it didn't stick to the window. I followed the instructions, used the adhesive pads provide and bang! It's been up on my window for approx. 2 years. It gets rained on, snowed on and in direct sunlight and shade. No problems with it coming off. EXCEPT when a wife who wasn't paying attention raised the window it was attached to and snapped of the rubber mounts it used to adhere to the window glass. Our fault not the thermometer. I'm going to try and figure out another way to attach it to the window again. All I can say is it's been great for me and looks so cool.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner June 2015 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Mark!!
  • Do Not Buy

    Joe Krenzberger, 12/31/2014 Save your money, this thermometer has the following problems: 1. It does not stick to the window; 2. The scale is hard to read; and 3. It limits the range I can open my window.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the 4-3/4 Window Thermometer. We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with it.  Normally, we would send some more adhesive pads, or suggest that you use a clear silicone to fasten it to the window. In this case, you seem wholly unsatisfied, so please feel free to return it for a refund using the label which was included. If you need one, we will get one right out to you. We apologize for the inconvenience."
  • Be Careful...

    David, 9/20/2014 Nice thermometer. Too bad it didn't stay up when I stuck it on the window. Even though I cleaned the window thoroughly, and let it dry completely, the adhesive didn't work and after 2 days it fell off and broke upon hitting the ground.
  • Thermometer

    George, 8/23/2014 Very nice, wish I had purchased the larger size.
  • These Are Great!

    John Russell, 6/28/2014 These caught my eye while compiling an order, and we love them. We have on in the kitchen and one in the living room that is shaded. They are very nice and do not obstruct your view. Great item.
  • Fell Off Window Again

    John M Drustrup, 5/31/2014 Ordered these as Xmas presents and got one for myself. Waited to put it up since it was so cold. It's been up for two months and has fallen twice. Followed the directions exactly when I put it up. The adhesive seems to be inferior and now there is no adhesive left. I was going to gorilla glue it to the window but my wife objects. What do you suggest?

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Outside Window Thermometer. We are sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with it. Our technician has left a voicemail message for you at the phone number you provided us with. He will be able to send you replacement adhesive pads. You may give him a call back at 1-800-221-2942. Another alternative would be to get some clear silicone – the type which is used for fish tanks, and use that as an adhesive. You can't see it when it's dry and it sticks better than any glue. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and hope that it will hold up better with whichever option you choose.
  • Dissapointed

    Monte Burkey, 1/31/2014 Smaller than pictured; difficult to determine the temperature; not designed for aging/older" eyes."
  • Keep Your Cool

    Big Zucchini Mike, 1/1/2014 Nice low tech analog version of temperature readings that work 365 days a year without batteries. Can't help but glance at it every time I look out my window. Well made AND calibration adjustable! So if its not accurate you can fix it. Have my first one stay put on the glass for over a year.
  • Doesn't Work For Me

    Chuck P, 12/17/2013 I haven't bought these because the range of temperatures is inadequate. Where I live we regularly see -30 to -40F in the winter and temps of 110+F in the summer are not unheard of. The quality and usefulness are obvious, however. One of the best looking window mounted thermometers I've ever seen.
  • Not Used Yet

    Charles W Repka, 12/11/2013 It has been so cold that I have not been able to attach them to the outside of the window yet. Looks are good.
  • My Review

    William Sheppie, 11/18/2013 My wife had no problem with the Thermometer sticking to the outside window even when she had to take it off and reset it. I noticed that when I look thru the Thermometer the numbers blend in with the dark background (porch railing and tree trunks etc) making the numbers a little hard to read. This morning I noticed the inside of the Thermometer is fogged with moisture which I hope does not cause damage.
  • Window Thermometer

    Master Mechanic, 11/8/2013 Extremely accurate and elegant easy to read only drawback the sticky pads are not strong enough to hold on to glass My fell off after one day. Lucky Me it did not break or got damaged. Strongly recomend to use Joe's sticky stuff worked fine and holding.
  • Thermometer

    Ronnie Hollier, 8/17/2013 This is a nice thermometer. It's a bit small, but extremely accurate!
  • Great solution

    MK, 3/19/2013 This was the perfect solution to the problem of not being able to see the outside temperature from inside the house.
  • Thermometer

    Beat Keerl, 1/2/2013 Very beautifully designed thermometer and also accurate. Simple installation!
  • Vesatile & Accurate

    Jill, 1/2/2013 We really wanted a thermometer that worked on the second story of the house--so we could glance out and know the temperature, and judge what clothes would work for the day. This fit easily in several windows--easy to put on, accurate, not in the way. Great idea.
  • Fell Off The Window

    John Arnold, 12/10/2012 The thermometer is an elegant design and seemed to give accurate temperature readings. One week after mounting it outside the window as per package directions the mounting pads spontaneously gave way and the poor little thermometer crashed to the ground. Clearly inferior construction, at least as the mounting pads are concerned.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    We are very sorry that this happened. Another thermometer is on its way to you. We will make sure the adhesive which is used for mounting is sufficiently sticky. Again, our apologies and we hope the replacement serves you well.
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