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P-Grip Trowel and Hand Cultivator
These items come to us from a Dutch company that has been making gardening tools in Holland since 1898. At first they seem as traditional as any vintage garden tool, until you notice the orientation of the handles, which are aligned perpendicularly from the heads. Called a P-Grip, this deceptively simple change allows greater pushing and pulling power, saving stress and wear on shoulders and elbow joints. This will be especially valued by our more senior customers. The oiled ash handles feel and look great.

The three forged boron steel tines of the Hand Cultivator, 3” at their widest, converge toward each other in a graceful curve that grabs plant and dirt material in tight places, and aerates with a twist. 17” long overall. The 19” long P-Grip Trowel excels at digging holes for planting, and is particularly good for raised bed gardening. The forged boron steel head, 6” x 3”, is offset from the handle, another ergonomic detail your body will appreciate. Classic appearance and ergonomic P-Grip properties will make these some of your most-used tools.
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