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Clearance Pair of Table Top Gyroscopes
A nostalgic toy from childhood
77G08.01 Pair of Table Top Gyroscopes

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We're willing to bet that a huge number of you remember this toy from your childhood. It spins like a champ, and will provide hours of enjoyment and fascination for the younger members of the family.

Once spinning, the Gyroscope will hold its position-vertical, horizontal, perched on a string, tilted, etc. Among its many virtues, it's a great science experiment, and illustrates the crucial role gyroscopes play in navigation of the high seas and in space exploration. Two gyroscopes are included in the box-one for the children and one for the bigger kids (like us).

Made In The United States.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-This toy contains small parts and marbles. Not for children under 3 yrs.

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Overall Rating
  • Gyroscopes

    William, 10/1/2019 Purchased for my 8 and 4 year old grandkids. They are prolific builders of Lego' I want them to understand the use of Gyroscopes
  • Retro

    Sandy, 12/14/2018 Bought them for the Grandkids to help show them the toys we played with growing up. Good sturdy quality
  • Memories

    Grandpa Sal, 12/11/2018 So much fun and learning
  • Had one in the 50s

    George Dunlap, 4/15/2018 Remember playing with these when I was a kid but I’d buy them for my granddaughters
  • Pair (2) Gyroscopes

    Garry, 12/19/2017 Performed as advertised.
  • Gyroscopes

    Al Kulfan, 10/5/2017 Quality was not what I expected at all. Neither one was balanced. Not worth the price paid.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Gyroscopes. We're sorry to hear that you received what we think are defective ones. Please feel free to send them back with the label which was included, and we'll replace them with ones that have been checked by our technician.

  • Gyroscopes

    Colin Tierney, 3/26/2017 They caught my eye as a present for my two grand kids. They look well made but I did not play with them prior to sending them on.
  • Cheap Gyroscopes

    K Drew, 10/30/2016 Work but not quality - only worth the price paid
  • Gyroscopes are Awesome

    Patsy D Thomson, 1/1/2015 Grand kids are enjoying their Gyroscopes tremendously.
  • Gyroscopic Principle

    Lawrence, 1/26/2014 It has been a while since I've played with a gyroscope so one for myself and one to introduce the principle to some young teenager friends. Just like riding a bicycle...........
  • 50%

    Jim Stocks, 12/18/2013 1 Gyro was well balanced and 1 was very poorly balanced and has a vibration from being out of balance. It had come apart in shipping.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Two Gyroscopes. We are sorry to hear that this item has not proved satisfactory. There is a possibility that you may have received a defective item. Please feel free to return or exchange them for another set. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Not as good as I was hoping...

    Drew D., 5/7/2012 I decided to purchase this pair of gyroscopes for my young sons but neither one of the gyroscopes seems to be well-balanced. Most of the previous reviews were good so I was expecting more along the lines of what I remember from when I was a child. Each of these would balance on its stand for maybe 20 seconds before becoming too wobbly and falling off and the boys quickly lost interest in them.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your recent review on the Gyroscopes. We are very sorry to hear that they were not balanced. It is quite possible that they may be defective. If you'd like, please feel free to return them using the return label which came with your order. If you don't have one, please let us know and we will get one right out to you. You may either try another set to see if they work better or request a full refund. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.
  • DOA

    Kevin, 12/28/2011 Huge dissapointment... Ordered as a gift, it arived well packaged, both of the gyroscopes were broken, the wire cage that contains the spinning wheel, was not welded or soddered closed. The same on both gyroscopes, which would not hold the spinning disk in place.
  • Grand Kids Love

    Janis Chrystal, 2/15/2011 Big hit at show and tell at grand children's school.
  • Good Gift

    TMunhall, 12/31/2010 Kept my nephew and nieces' husband entertained for a couple of hours the first day after receiving it, Not bad in this world of ADD epidemics.
  • Gyro

    Blendervill, 12/26/2010 Very Cheaply made. Rough, Poorly Balanced, Spot Weld broken on new unit out of the box.
  • Cheep

    Kelly Glover, 12/22/2010 Just like the Compasses, these were a Cheaply make Product! I returned Compasses and Gyroscope for refund! I could not use them for a gift! Garrett Wade is suppose to be about Quality Products! Please don't resale products made from very Pore examples of the Original item's from the Past!
  • Cool

    Bobby V, 12/20/2010 Was great to see them again,, just as nice as the originals.
  • Memories

    Paul, 12/17/2010 Yes, it is the original one like the one's we had when we were youngsters. They are great.
  • Gyroscopes

    Max, 10/22/2010 I had to rate this as a 1", since there isn't a "0"... My son and I enjoyed many happy hours with the old USA made gyroscopes that were available 30 years ago. My son passed away on Father's Day this year, and in an effort to carry on and enjoy the mysteries of the gyroscope tradition with my two twin 6 year old grandsons, I decided to order two from Garrett Wade. Huge mistake, poorly constructed, bent and completely out of balance, out of the box. What a joke, the kids thought I was an idiot."
  • Changed My Mind

    RCL, 4/8/2010 I wrote a review concerning these gyroscopes and how disappointed I was with them. Garrett Wade contacted me and was concerned with the fact I was not satisfied and that the gyroscopes did not perform as they should. They sent me a second set, free of chage, and they worked a lot better. Maybe the first ones were defective. Thanks, Garrett Wade. I truly appreciated your concern and desire to make sure your customers are satisfied and that the products you sell are of high quality.
  • Disappointed

    RCL, 12/24/2009 Seeing these brought back a lot of old memories from when I was kid. I ordered them for my grandson. My disappointment is not with Garrett Wade or their service. I ordered them right before Christmas and received them the next day. That was great. My disappointment is with the gyroscope itself. As a kid I remember them spinning almost stationary with no movement at all. I find these do not spin like that, as they seem to be unbalanced. When trying to balance them on something, on each other or on a string or even on the pedestal provided, they will not stay balanced and wobble. They appear to be unbalanced. I thought when I received them that they were covered with grease or something, but it is the finish, rough and unattractive like they are corroded. I am seriously thinking about not giving them to my grandson and returning them.
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