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49J02.01 Pair Japanese Awls

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These small awls have beautifully tapered blades fastened to white oak handles. Just holding them in your hand is a pleasure. Lovely, traditional woodworking tools.

Overall lengths: 3-3/4" and 5-1/4"

Made in Japan.

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Overall Rating
  • Absolute Perfection

    Paul, 7/16/2019 Awls are a tool I use often, finding the right size and weight can be difficult. These Japanese Awls answer both requirements, and provide much more. Their shape, while highly artistic also provides that additional mass needed to mark a spot cleanly and deeply. I only wish they came in a set of 3, with the 3rd one being larger than the set of 2.
  • Japanese Awls

    Marko S Russell, 4/4/2019 The size was exactly what I wanted. They look to have excellent durability and craftsmanship .
  • Pair of Japanese Awls

    Paul B. Taylor, 8/8/2017 I was very pleased with these Awls, I just finished installing a cabinet with draws in a bench I built last year. These went immediately in the top draw, for ready use.
  • Perfect size

    David H Arrowood, 7/4/2017 Love the heft and feel of these awls, Replace a set of old cheap feeling awls. These fit very well in my apron pocket.
  • Perfect

    Helen, 10/5/2015 Beautiful to look at, these awls feel good in your hand and have a clean, sharp point. I bought these to replace an old and favorite awl which I recently broke. I am more than happy with my choice.
  • I'm a Fan

    Marvin Howard, 2/18/2014 I have long been a fan and convert to Japanese tools. Growing up in '50s the made in Japan" monicker was considered a joke in quality circles (especially my professional electrician dad's opinion). But I now own a large number of Japanese pull-stroke saws, and laminated chisels that are my favorite "go-to" woodworking tools, offering better control and unimaginable sharpness (and re-sharpening capability). These punches, while much smaller than I expected them to be, were put to work almost immediately and performed as well as all of my other Japanese tools. They are well made and almost resemble examples of modern art. They will undoubtedly join my collection of favorites. "
  • Just The Right Tool

    Russ Spitler, 1/27/2014 I have begun to carve and paint gourds and these two awls are just the right tool for piercing the top of the gourd for bead and braiding work. Will recommend to other friends and crafts people.
  • Nice To Have

    Lawrence, 1/26/2014 Nicely made awls, should come in handy for pin point locating to nail or screw holes.
  • They're Just Okay

    Ron, 1/12/2014 I now own (including this pair) 7 of these, in three different sizes. Some with Bubinga (sp.), some with ebony handles, and these which are ash or oak handles. These aren't particularly priced that well, considering the handle with hardly any, or a very thin coat of finish. Use, will tell how long they hold up. However they are indispensable in the shop...from punching a hole to start screws to scribing a line. So although the handle isn't the best, the tool is great, and the price is competitive.
  • Best Awls Ever

    Joe Beaton, 11/26/2013 Best awls I've ever used... Better than advertised!!
  • Japanese Awls

    Joseph Peters, 4/10/2013 I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these awls. Very comfortable to hold and use. Nice looking as well.
  • Perfect Pair

    Roy Oishi, 4/10/2013 Lovely fit and finish. Great for exactly placing starter holes. The larger is on my workbench and the smaller has found its place on my modeling desk.
  • Great Addition

    D. Robeson, 3/25/2013 Nicely made, glad I bought them. They have come in handy many times.
  • Well Made

    Chris Drost, 1/20/2013 There is a typo in the description. The overall lengths are about 3.75 and 5.25"."
  • Indespensable

    James, 8/18/2010 One of my most used tools and always a joy to pickup. Nice weight. Indestructible over 10 yrs. Very versatile..handle ages well.
  • All With Awl

    James Mac, 6/2/2010 This is THE favorite tool in my box. I have beat it and misused it for over a decade. Indestructible. too many uses too list. My wife got mad when I threw away her old ice pick, so I offered her this awl to use. I took it back an hour later when she wasn't looking. I couldn't be with out it. I made me nervous. Best investment I ever made beside your anchor knife. Both awl and knife outstanding. I keep them in the same top drawer (usually blade open I use it so much)
  • Use Them All The Time!

    Rudy, 5/5/2009 I am ordering a second pair of these awls! They are a delight to use and make precise, small holes for layout, screw and drill starters. Everything you need in a hand tool for fine woodworking.
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